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Financial analytics is the way to measure some of the major financial KPIs in the form of insightful dashboards and reports. It makes the large and complex excel sheet data so meaningful that even the non-financial people can also easily understand if the company is moving towards growth or not. Beyond Key has curated a set of Finance analytics dashboards that cover all the important Financial KPIs like Profit & Loss, balance sheet figures like income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities, cash flow metrics, and many more. Our Power BI enabled dashboards allow your Financial analysts to drill down into each KPI on a granular level and make smart decisions in a short time.

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Empower your finance team with the required analytics and the way they should see their data. 

The Financial analytics dashboards are developed by Beyond Key using some of the most important KPIs in financial departments. The finance department is the most important department of every company. Data is the most important component, and data analysis is the foundation. Finance professionals are constantly engrossed in enormous excel sheets, capturing the data they want and constructing a picture of the company's progress and future goals. Our Power BI dashboards assist finance professionals in creating a captivating tale in a simple and engaging manner.
Our Finance dashboards consist of eight major dashboard samples which comprise of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement (P&L), asset and liability dashboard, income vs expenditure, trend analysis dashboard, Year-on-Year comparison, and other dashboards. While these Power BI-based reports and dashboards come pre-built with powerful ad-hoc capabilities, they are also quickly customizable and extensible based on customers' unique requirements.
Financial analytics provides insight into past, present, and future performance using financial and other relevant information.
Benefits of financial analytics
  • It provides a comprehensive view of the company's financial situation while also increasing cash flow, productivity, profitability, and value.
  • It allows you to swiftly filter and analyze massive amounts of data.
  • Financial analytics provides information on the health of your business and incorporates client data and patterns to determine how and where the firm may improve, whether it's a B2B or B2C business model.
  • Financial analytics can assist optimize and improving operational efficiency by measuring established key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing organizational processes and functions.
  • It enables a business to become a data-driven enterprise capable of making more confident and risk-averse investment and operational decisions.
  • It aids in assessing overall employee performance and identifying which departments or teams within the organization require attention and are not contributing as expected to revenue.
  • Another major application of analytics is to compare a company's actual outcomes against projections and predictions to see if the real output differs from the estimate.
Our Financial analytics solution is powered by Power BI and can be easily integrated with your existing accounting system to derive quick results. It is fully customizable as well.

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