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Lynx Solutions Inc.

Lynx Solutions help you understand your data by using the Power BI platform as a primary tool for customized reporting projects and powerful data visualizations.

With all organizations that are interested in Power BI, Lynx meets with the management and C-levels to help design an effective planning and BI process. From there, the client will understand what data is coming in, what systems they need to pull data from, who needs to access to the reports, and how they can affect change within those pieces of data. 


  •        End to end implementation and customization of business data
  •        Servicing and upgrading existing systems
  •        Customization of specific requests/deliverables
  •        Consulting on business data applications

Power BI

  •        Cloud Based/Office 365 Power
  •         Custom visuals
  •        Deployment and robust training
  •        Development of powerful, insightful business intelligence solutions
  •        On Premise Power BI Report Server
  •        UI/UX customer design


  •        Power BI
  •        Power BI Report Server
  •        Power BI Embedded
  •        PowerApps
  •        Power Automate
  •        SQL Server / SSIS
  •        Azure Analysis Services / Tabular
  •        Azure SQL Data Warehouse

What makes us different

  •        Onshore, full-time, background checked staff
  •        Commitment to client satisfaction with customized service
  •        Deep industry knowledge and expertise
  •        Quality and integrity – passion for our work

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