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BitBang helps organizations to connect and integrate data, attain actionable insights and make informed decisions using Power BI dashboards.

Take full advantage of the consulting services of Power BI experts to increase the skills of your team and:
• Cultivate a mature Data Strategy
• Feed the evolution of your BI
• Complete complex developments

The Power BI implementation can be carried out by the Power BI Certified Consultants that provide best practices, efficient processes and quick-wins.

Typical activities may include:
• Project kick-off and key stakeholders onboarding
• Strategic session to define initiatives, to answer critical business questions and discuss the roadmap of future initiatives
• Development of the Solution Plan
• Performing tactics to connect, prepare and view data
• Execution of data-driven business tactics to help with engagement and optimization
• Technical enabling to guide business quick wins
Recommendations for future initiatives based on the roadmap

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Certificerede partnere er en vigtig del af teamet! Find nye forretningsmuligheder, skab forbindelser, og del dit firmas talent og erfaring med Power BI-brugere i hele verden.

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