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Add Titles to Power View

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NOTE: Information good as of 3/29/2015 and is subject to change!

I wanted to share a quick trick that you can do to add titles to your Power View reports within the Power BI service.

Let’s look at the problem.  When we create a Power View report within the Power BI Service itself, or within the Power BI Designer, there is no ability to add Text Boxes for labels.  So, we get something that ends up looking like this.


This can cause confusion, and doesn’t provide context about what you are looking for.  For example, if you have different Power View slides that look the same, but one is for a 30 day window, and another is for yesterday.  It is hard to tell the difference.

So, how can we fix this?  One way is to use the Silverlight Power View designer within Excel to add the Sheet and the Title, before we add any visualizations.

Insert a new Power View Sheet.  It may come up with a default visualization.  We can delete that.  Then add in what your title should be.


You can also add other Text Boxes, if you need, by clicking on Text Box within the Insert section of the Power View Ribbon.


Once that is done.  Save the workbook, and we will go back to the Power BI Service. Get the context on the Dashboard you want to build, then click on Get Data.  We will pull in our Excel Workbook again.


When you do this, it will also pull in the report.  If you have multiple Power View Sheets within the workbook, it will combine them all into one report within Power BI.  Each sheet will be a slide within that report.


When we go into the report, we will see the title in place.


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