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Failure installing the Power BI Personal Gateway

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NOTE: Information good as of 8/25/2015 and is subject to change!

When trying to install the Power BI Personal Gateway, you may encounter the following error.


Please uninstall the Power BI Analysis Services Connector before continuing.

We had a customer contact us indicating that they didn’t have the Analysis Services Connector installed.  So, there was nothing to uninstall.

You should absolutely check to see if you can Uninstall the Analysis Services Connector.  If this message comes up, that means the Analysis Services Connector was on the machine at one point in time.  It may have been uninstalled and left behind some items.

Down below, I list out what you can do for a manual uninstall, or clean up.  But, before getting into that, I wanted to show you how I discovered the registry key that is causing the above dialog.

We can get more information from the Log file that has a link on this dialog.  In the log, we can see the following, interesting, information.

Action start 14:15:08: FindRelatedProducts.MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding CONNECTORFOUND property. Its value is '{10DC0C9E-E3CF-4B98-9C77-57A509273DD4}'.MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding DMGFOUND property. Its value is '{5616EF4F-D8C5-4100-BA69-ACE644F9AF65}'.MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Skipping action: PreventDowngrading (condition is false)MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Doing action: UninstallConnectorMSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Note: 1: 2205 2:  3: ActionText Action ended 14:15:08: FindRelatedProducts. Return value 1.Action start 14:15:08: UninstallConnector.MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Note: 1: 2205 2:  3: Error MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Note: 1: 2228 2:  3: Error 4: SELECT `Message` FROM `Error` WHERE `Error` = 1709 MSI (s) (A4:D4) [14:15:08:082]: Product: PowerBiGatewayComponentsPlease uninstall the Power BI Analysis Services Connector before continuing.

Here we can see the CONNECTORFOUND item that referenced a GUID.  This is actually coming from what is called Upgrade Codes for Windows Installer.  We check to see if we can find the Upgrade Code.

I started by using Process Monitor (ProcMon) from SysInternals. I tried searching for the following GUID, both with and without the hyphens.


Unfortunately, that wasn’t found directly.  You can actually see the UpgradeCode lookups in the registry from the Power BI Gateway Installer process.  From there you can kinda figure it out with a little poking around.

Being ProcMon didn’t find anything, I knew this was coming from the registry, so I went right to the Registry Editor (regedit) to look for it directly.

NOTE: Please use extreme causing when using the Registery Editor (Regedit) as you can cause serious issues with your machine.

We can find this guid as the Source of the following product.



And looking at that product, we see it has the name of PowerBiConnectorComponents.  Which we saw referenced in the MSI Log, so we are on the right track.


From there, we can search for the Product GUID.  This will actually show the UpgradeCode item within ProcMon.


We will find it referenced in the following UpgradeCode.


This is the key that is actually blocking the Personal Gateway installation.

Being we can’t uninstall it, as it isn’t present, that leads us to have to cleanup whatever remnants are remaining on the machine. A manual uninstall, if you will.

Cleaning out the AS Connector

1. Uninstall the Analysis Services Connector

The first thing we should always do is verify if we can actually uninstall it, or not, from Control Panel.  This is the best way to do things as it should remove what it placed down.


2. Delete Upgrade Code from Registry

Delete the Upgrade Code from your System Registry.  On my system, it was located in the following key.  It may be different on yours, so be sure to do what I did above to verify it.


3. Delete the DataTransfer key from the Registry

This key contains all of the configuration information for the Connector.  We want to make sure this is gone.  When we install the Personal Gateway, it will recreate it with the appropriate settings.


4. Delete the Data Management Gateway Folder

You may, or may not, have this folder on your system.  You should remove it through as part of the clean up.

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Management Gateway

5. Delete the Analysis Services Connector Folder

This folder should also be deleted when performing a clean up.

C:\Program Files\Power BI Analysis Services Connector

Install the Personal Gateway

After that is done.  You should be able to install the Personal Gateway without issue.


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