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London’s Metro Bank uses Microsoft’s Power BI to help improve customer service

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While we love talking about the latest out of Microsoft, the best part of talking about the latest and greatest is hearing how our customers are able to use our products to meet – and beat – goals, increase efficiency, or get a leg up on competitors. This last benefit – gaining a competitive edge – was of particular importance to Metro Bank, which in 2010 became the first new retail bank in Britain in more than a century.

Metro Bank prides itself on being different. From round-the-clock call centers staffed by people (not machines) and “Magic Money Machines” to entertain kids, to the ability to open accounts and issue debit cards within minutes, Metro Bank’s priority is unrelenting customer service. This approach paid off, resulting in thousands of customers joining the ‘banking revolution’ over the last four years. As the bank continued to grow, it needed a business intelligence solution that could help it understand how customers used all of its services, from in-store to mobile and online. This information would help Metro Bank fine-tune its services and move toward its goal of 1 million customers by 2020. Instead of a third-party BI system, Metro Bank went with Power BI for Office 365.

Over the last year, Metro Bank put Power BI through its paces, creating a variety of dashboards to track bank operations, including the launch of a mobile banking service. Features such as Power Q&A enable executives and colleagues alike – regardless of previous experience with business intelligence – to ask questions in natural language, accelerating adoption throughout the company.

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