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Enhance Q&A with Copilot for Power BI - Power BI

Learn how to leverage Copilot to improve the Q&A visual's ability to understand user questions.

Using visual calculations in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Learn how to create visual calculations using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formulas in Power BI Desktop.

Learn from customer Power BI migrations - Power BI

Learn from customers when migrating to Power BI.

Tutorial: Microsoft Fabric for Power BI users - Power BI

Get started using Microsoft Fabric with Power BI by creating a multidimensional model and creating a report.

Sharing and discovery with datamarts (preview) - Power BI

Share and discover data using datamarts

Datamart tenant settings - Power BI

Learn how to configure datamart tenant settings as the Power BI administrator.

Metrics admin settings - Power BI

Learn how to configure Power BI Metrics admin settings.

User experience experiments admin settings - Power BI

Learn how to configure Power BI user experience experiments admin settings.

RowNumber function in a paginated report - Power BI

Use the RowNumber function in Power BI Report Builder to return a running count of the number of rows in a paginated report for the specified scope.

Power BI Application lifecycle management (ALM) deployment pipelines history - Power BI

Learn how the history feature works in the deployment pipelines, the Power BI Application lifecycle management (ALM) tool.

Metadata passed from Microsoft Fabric to Microsoft Graph - Power BI

Learn about sharing Fabric metadata with Microsoft 365 services.

Export translation sheets in Translations Builder - Power BI

Learn how to export translations sheets in Translations Builder. Human translators use these .csv files as the source to localize Power BI reports.

Using slicers in the Power BI service - Power BI

A Power BI slicer is an alternate way of filtering that narrows the portion of the semantic model shown in the other visualizations in a report.

Connect to an Oracle database with Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Steps and downloads necessary to connect Oracle to Power BI Desktop

Semantic model description - Power BI

Learn what a semantic model description is, how it's useful, and how to provide it. Users see semantic model descriptions in the semantic model details page, information tooltips, and other places throughout the Power BI user interface.

Embedded analytics accelerator solutions from Microsoft partners - Power BI

Learn about different accelerators our partners offer to facilitate embedded analytics for ISVs.

Types of licenses for Power BI business users - Power BI

Learn about the Power BI Pro, Premium, and free licenses, figure out which license type you have, and learn about Premium capacity workspaces.

Paginated reports in Power BI: FAQ - Power BI

This article answers frequently asked questions about paginated reports. These reports are highly formatted, print-ready output optimized for printing or PDF generation.

Power BI for business users - Power BI

Getting started with Power BI? Get to know the features and capabilities of the Power BI service, and see what you can do with them as a Power BI business user.

Power BI implementation planning: Data gateways - Power BI

Learn how to plan and implement on-premises data gateways and virtual network (VNet) data gateways for Microsoft Fabric.

Drillthrough reports in a Power BI paginated report - Power BI

Discover drillthrough reports, which open when you select a link in a Power BI paginated report to get details about an item in an original summary report in Power BI Report Builder.

Troubleshoot sign-in issues or reset your password for Power BI - Power BI

Help to unblock users who are unable to sign in to Power BI and need to reset a password or contact support.

How to find your report server product key - Power BI

Learn how you can find your Power BI Report Server product key to install your server in a production environment.

Ten tips for getting help with your Power BI questions - Power BI

Ten tips for help with Power BI and see the answers the experts follow when asking Power BI questions.

Delete a dashboard, report, workbook, semantic model, or workspace - Power BI

Learn how to delete almost anything from the Power BI service.