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Introducing the Power BI Activity Log

We are excited to announce the availability of a new Power BI API called the activity log, which enables Power BI service admins to track user and admin activities within a Power BI tenant.

Tailoring help and support for Power BI users

To ensure employee productivity and satisfaction with Power BI, enterprise organizations develop comprehensive product training, bolster their help desks, and invest in helping their user communities with internal forums to share ideas and best practices. But it can be a challenge to educate users about the availability of these organizational resources. The exciting news is … Continue reading “Tailoring help and support for Power BI users”

Announcing Connected Excel Tables from Power BI (Public Preview)

This feature allows users to export an Excel table from a Power BI report and keep that table connected to Power BI by refreshing it in the Excel grid.

Export to Excel Improvements for Matrix Visuals (GA)

The improvements to the Power BI matrix visual that ensures that structure of data exported to Excel is preserved is now Generally Available (GA).

How to Integrate Power BI Reporting into .NET apps

Since the Report Viewer control was first introduced over a decade ago, it has been a key component that allowed developers to surface report content easily in their applications. But although the application development landscape has changed significantly since that time, support for the control is limited to both WinForms and WebForms. With the introduction of new, cross-platform options starting with .NET Core in 2016, we’re focusing our investments on new capabilities in Microsoft Power BI to fill this need for you and your customers moving forward.

Create Connected PivotTables in Excel for the web

You can now create reports connected to Power BI datasets from a blank workbook in Excel for the web.

Admin Monitoring of Power BI Usage in Excel

Learn how admins can get insights on users who are connecting to Power BI datasets from Excel with the Power BI activity logs

Goals in Power BI is becoming ‘metrics’ and is moving to GA!

We are excited to announce general availability for metrics in Power BI (formerly called goals) along with new features to deliver scorecarding scenarios even more effectively within Power BI. Additionally, we’re pleased to share plans for how Power BI will work with the new Viva Goals offering from Microsoft to empower organizations more effectively meet their goals with OKR experiences connected to Power BI data, delivered by Viva Goals.

Power BI component for Vue.js applications is now available

We’re thrilled to announce that a new component for embedding Power BI content in Vue.js applications is now available! Vue is an increasingly popular JavaScript framework for building front-end user interfaces and websites.

Deployment pipelines – announcing ‘Deployment History’ feature and ‘Azure DevOps extension’ GA

A new feature for Deployment pipelines, Deployment History, allows you to review details of all your recent months deployments – who, what and when. Check it out! Also, download our Azure DevOps extension now having general availability, and be aware our UpdateApp API now excludes adding new items to Apps.

On-premises data gateway October release

Hope you’re all enjoying the fall! With the changing of the leaves comes a changed on-premises data gateway. Download the October version to use the same query execution logic/run-time as in the October version of Power BI Desktop.

Join Us! Power BI Dev Camp: Thursday 25, August 2022 at 11:00 AM PDT – 12:00 PM noon PDT

This month’s Power BI Dev Camp session provides a quick primer on modern React-JS development and demonstrates how to create an SPA application with React-JS which calls the Power BI REST API and implements User-Owns-Data embedding.

Introducing a new way to purchase licensed Power BI visuals and manage licenses through Microsoft platforms

Last week, at Inspire, we announced a key enhancement to AppSource visuals; You can now purchase and manage licenses of licensed visuals through Microsoft AppSource!

Announcing Power BI Angular Component

Today we are thrilled to introduce the newly released Power BI component for Angular. This component lets you easily embed your Power BI reports, dashboards and more into your Angular web application.

Announcing public preview of automatic aggregations!

Automatic aggregations are now in public preview! Unlock massive datasets without having to copy large volumes of data or manage data loads. Automatic aggregations are managed automatically by Power BI, accelerating time to insight, and reducing TCO.

Visualizing SharePoint lists now available to all users

A couple of months ago, we launched a new Power BI integration for visualizing SharePoint lists for all Targeted release users. We’re now excited to announce that the experience has rolled out to Standard release users and is now accessible to everyone!

Announcing: Collaborate faster in Microsoft Teams with Power BI activity feed notifications

Power BI is integrating with the Microsoft Teams activity feed. This release adds notifications for report sharing and request access for reports. This helps you get more done without leaving Microsoft Teams or hunting through your emails. Learn more…

Power BI Unused Artifacts API (preview)

We are pleased to announce the preview availability of our new Unused Artifacts API. The initial version of this API returns a list of datasets that have not been used within 30 days for a specified workspace, and successive revisions will include other artifact types such as reports and dashboards.

Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary

Welcome to the November 2021 update. The team has been hard at work delivering mighty features before the year ends and we are thrilled to release new format pane preview feature, page and bookmark navigators, new text box formatting options, pie, and donut chart rotation. There is more to explore, please continue to read on.

Announcing public preview of Insights

The Insights feature helps users easily explore and find insights such as anomalies, trends in their data as they interact and consume their reports.

Announcing Default sensitivity label preview and other top asked MIP features in Power BI

Today we are happy to announce public preview of default label policies in Power BI Desktop and call out significant features that address top asks for Power BI information protection released in the last few weeks.

Announcing New Workspace Experience General Availability (GA)

I’m happy to announce that starting today, the New Workspace Experience has reached General Availability (GA). With the new workspace experience, Power BI workspace admins can use security groups to manage access to workspaces, enable BI teams to create workspaces without needing to create an Office 365 Group, and to provide granular workspace roles to … Continue reading “Announcing New Workspace Experience General Availability (GA)”

See What’s Coming Next in Microsoft Power BI

Explore new ways to distill actionable insights from your data that drive business growth and what’s new with Power BI capabilities bundled in the April 2019 release. Join us for the Business Applications Virtual Launch Event, streaming live on April 2 from 8:00-9:30 AM PDT. This free event will showcase the new features coming in … Continue reading “See What’s Coming Next in Microsoft Power BI”

Power BI Service and Mobile February 2019 Feature Summary

February was yet another exciting and busy month for Power BI, as we rolled out many features that were highly requested by our customers and community. Here’s a recap of all the announcements: Updates to the Premium Capacity Metrics app Export to PDF and filtered export for Power BI reports On-demand email subscriptions Bulk operations … Continue reading “Power BI Service and Mobile February 2019 Feature Summary”