Transform healthcare experiences with Power BI

Uncover data-driven insights that improve your clinical decision-making and care experiences while transforming healthcare operations and outcomes.

Optimise clinical decision making and improve care experiences

Empower health team collaboration

Improve patient outcomes and team performance with fast, easy access to secure health data.

  • Provide timely critical care responses, especially in emergency situations, by empowering all kinds of healthcare professionals to access data, collaborate, and share insights.
  • Make faster decisions with the ability to access and analyse patient data in real time and on the go.
  • Give care teams the data they need for decision making by embedding Power BI reports and dashboards within the hospital apps and portals they already use.
  • Safeguard sensitive data as required by HIPAA using access controls and governance policies that allow you to securely provide care teams access to the data they need.

Gain clinical and operational insights

Harness clinical and operational data insights to roll out new models of care, predict future health trends, and reduce risks.

  • Turn data into timely decisions by analysing clinical activities, supplies, logistics, costs, and outcomes, and use built-in AI capabilities to help predict and plan for future needs.
  • Identify cost savings, trends, and best practices for effective treatments and medications by easily connecting, integrating, and analysing terabytes of data across providers, life sciences organisations, and insurers.
  • Help insurers predict and reduce fraud and losses by conducting advanced analysis on claims, premiums, and billing data.

Reimagine healthcare

Reshape the future of population health and improve health equity by embracing value-based care as you expand your data-driven culture and drive clinical agility.

  • Generate actionable insights—in hours instead of months—from your largest and most complex data sets such as billing, patient records, and finance reports.
  • Mitigate unexpected challenges during emergencies and make the most efficient use of hospital resources by gaining quick situational insights to make data-driven decisions.
  • Provide a more personalised treatment approach, especially for at-risk patients, using advanced analytics and a holistic visualisation of patient profile demographics and health conditions.

See how healthcare organisations are getting results

We are going in the direction of retiring OBIEE reporting

“We are going in the direction of retiring OBIEE reporting. Our choice is to replace it with Power BI. Having datasets in Azure made it easier to start pivoting in that direction.”

David Dvorak
Lead Technology Architect, Cerner Corporation

Our teams have the flexibility to iterate so quickly and adjust based on user needs to build engagement

“Our teams have the flexibility to iterate so quickly and adjust based on user needs to build engagement. It allows us to go that extra mile to create value and make visible the good care that can transform lives.”

Ben Mansalis
Chief Information Officer, Integris Health

Having access to Power B I tools to very quickly build dashboards to visualise all of that information and to update it in real-time

“Having access to Power BI tools to very quickly build dashboards to visualise all of that information and to update it in real-time was absolutely critical to both forming our strategy and then executing on it."

Dr. Andrew Renda
Associate Vice President Population Health Strategy, Humana

Explore sample dashboards and reports for healthcare

Hospital Emergency Response Decision Dashboard

Analyse staffing, equipment, supplies, and discharge-related measures to make informed decisions.

Global COVID-19 Pandemic Report

View up-to-date dashboard, daily updates, case outcomes, and other details globally and by country.

Cancer Analytics Dashboard

Review this dashboard containing US cancer statistics including mortality rates based on cancer type.

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