Inviso Corporation - Retail Sales Analysis

The Retail Sales Analysis showcase demonstrates the value of Power BI in translating sales data into meaningful business insights for different audiences in the organization.

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Power BI allows organizations to quickly provide valuable insights to all levels through the data query editor, extensive “slice-and-dice” functionality, and intuitive customization interface.  This report provided the following insights to various employees of the fictional SportsGear organization: 

After connecting to the relevant company data sources, the analyst populates a report with some basic visualizations that highlight notable data trends and sends it to her executives and sales managers. 

After investigating the notable increase in Online sales vs. Reseller sales over the last two years, the VP of Sales considers a motion to focus on Warehouse and V.A.R. in the upcoming quarter.  To identify potential reasons for stagnating Specialty shop sales, he asks the analyst to add a “Specialty Stores” page to the report that analyzes additional factors such as competitor locations, marketing effectiveness, and store size on these store sales. 

The Sales manager recognizes from the “Performance Targets” tab that certain members of the Sales team have demonstrated the ability to handle increased responsibility while noting that a few have been performing consistently below expectations.  To validate an intuition, she asks the analyst to pull in additional employee details such as hired date and performance evaluation history into the model so she can do some exploration.  To ensure employee evaluations are only visible to their sales managers, the analyst creates security roles in the model before republishing the report to the organization.

After checking the report, one sales team member realizes that his quarter-end sales quota is highly dependent on the outcome of his next client meeting, so he asks his Sales Lead to accompany him to assist with some anticipated technical questions and to help close the deal. 

Scaling the Solution
As the report grows in popularity at SportsGear, the analyst has options for scaling the solution.   To accommodate the executives and upper management, she can continue managing requested changes and publish report versions to designated groups.  Users who prefer to explore and create visualizations on their own as questions arise can connect to the data model created by the analyst to author their own reports.

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