Jarmany Limited - Account Management Intelligence (AMI)

AMI is a unique data management system which lets you see your key performance indicators and strategic data in beautiful modern visualisation dashboards. The Account Management Intelligence (AMI) system enables organisations to identify lucrative opportunities through a single view of sales and inventory performance and aids the capability to forecast future outcomes. We can create bespoke user experiences, whereby access levels and how data is displayed is based on your requirements, this provides organisations with the ability to have greater control over their data viewed by function, user and teams.

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Why is AMI unique?
  • Single source of truth. By providing your organisation with the ability to consolidate your data in one centralised location, reducing siloed reporting across teams.
  • Bespoke design. Adapted to meet your business objectives and data requirements. The concept of AMI is to provide a consolidated view of your operational performance. Customised to meet your needs.
  • Modern dashboards. We use the latest visualisation technologies to bring your data to life in beautifully designed modern dashboards. As a result, teams are engaged in the use of data way beyond any previous experience.
  • Training. We train your teams up front together with ongoing refreshers to get everybody on the same page.
  • Third party integrity. As an IS027001 (information security management) certified agency, Jarmany will manage your data to the highest standard of data protection.
  • Control over data access. AMI is configured to enable organisations to control and restrict access to data to a granular level based on the user’s access requirements.
  • Platform Agnostic. Jarmany can host and manage your data or install the platform within your own infrastructure. User reports can utilise a range of BI platforms depending on your needs.

How does it work?
  • A bespoke service – Our commercial and technical consultants work with you to understand your objectives and design a platform which is bespoke to your needs.
  • Consolidation of data – The dedicated team will merge complex data points from multiple sources into one platform to create a single data platform. Multiple reports can be accessed from a bespoke portal with just a few clicks.
  • Audience specific analytics – Data views are designed to provide reports which are specific to user requirements. We then apply restrictions to report visibility based on data sensitivity.
  • Analytical insight resource – We create a historic view of sales performance supported by modern visualisations to easily identify lucrative opportunities. The forecasting capability will enable the viewer to predict future outcomes based on current performance.
  • Operational data functionalities – The processing of data from planned shipments, distributer sell-in and sell-out, through to store level inventory and sales.
  • Market Data – We can combine your own data sources and retailer feeds with 3rd party market data to provide a true picture on performance against market trends.

How has AMI Been Successfully Utilised?
  • The consolidation of numerous complex data points to one single point of access, unlocking unrealised growth opportunities.
  • The engagement of key business decision makers across European markets, supporting a cohesive way of working to
  • meet joint objectives.
  • The comparison of sales performance against targets across product categories and markets.
  • The identification of challenges to meet growth objectives driven by previously unidentified lost sales opportunities such as stock challenges.

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