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Data & Analytics has seen huge transformations in recent years. Today Data Analytics is an integral part of business operations. Whereas the traditional BI was mostly focused on producing reports to support the primary process, data is now used to control processes. Organizations are implementing “Data-Driven Solutions” to support their digital transformation.

In our vision the central place of data in the organization is of crucial importance to organizations: data is the heart of the IT architecture. We support organizations to realize these central data platforms and to develop data-driven solutions. While business Intelligence is one of those solutions, we must not forget (industrial) IoT and Ecosystems.

When it comes to Data & Analytics, ALTEN can provide the following services:

  • Central Data Platform
  • Business Intelligence
  • IoT: from sensor to Analytics
  • Eco System

In all these services data visualisation plays a crusial role. Alten has a vast expericence in creating the appropriate visualisations using PowerBI for our customers. Both for internal reporting and external reporting, both using the PowerBI service as well as PowerBI embedded/premium and embedding the results in portals.

Data Platform
The data platform will make data available for various applications within your company, including data provision to websites, mobile apps, data-driven services for a modern customer approach, predictive algorithms, direct control of machinery, as well as business intelligence reports. Availability of data will make all of these possible. This means that data within your company is a valuable asset. And of course you want to manage valuable assets wisely and efficiently. Data governance and management are crucial.

ALTEN Centraal Dataplatform

The services of ALTEN will guarantee a flexible, safe and manageable solution. To achieve maximum results we would prefer to build your data platform in the cloud.

Our Data Solution Architects are happy to think along with you about the best design of your solution. We would like to talk about the options for processing, saving and publishing data. Our specialists know what best suits your specific situation. Our Data Engineers will support your realization and the ALTEN Delivery Center will be happy to manage the platform for you.

Business Intelligence

ALTEN has the knowledge and expertise. Whether you want to realize control on a modern, (public) cloud-based data platform or opt for your own on-premise data warehouse. You can rely on ALTEN, from access to data and checking the correctness of data with our data validation software, to integrating data and drawing up reports. We will take care of your cares, and realize new data warehouse solutions or manage existing BI solutions. Our BI Service Center will proactively monitor and further perfect your BI solution.

IoT: From sensor to analytics

ALTEN is convinced that it is possible to accelerate the realization of your IOT environment by means of pre-configured solutions. The differences in data (quality) and objectives in terms of business value of organizations are often so large that it is not realistic to expect one-size-fits-all solutions.

ALTEN is one of the few service providers in the Netherlands that build customized end-to-end IOT solutions. We develop software for the sensors, mobile apps and we can realize cloud solutions with advanced analytics by means of pre-configured accelerators in a short space of time. With the support of standardized solutions for securing your data, a deployment procedure for additional devices and monitoring of the platform you can implement your own IOT environment within a few days.

ALTEN will then help you to set up your sensors, unlock and integrate machine data (possibly with data from your ERP systems), and realize custom algorithms, alerts and reports.

Eco Systems

You may be faster on your own, but together you will get further. To get maximum value from your own data, exchanging data with your environment is of great importance. This includes logistic data from your suppliers, personal data from your customers and product data from your internal organization.

A data platform forms the basis for data exchange in the business chain. Data is exchanged in a controlled manner in order to ensure the optimal performance of processes. ALTEN will integrate the data and take care of its secure availability, so that it can be accessed quickly and safely within your business process.

Some important aspects are API management, partner analytics and security. Our consultants are happy to share their extensive expertise in these disciplines.

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