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Automate configuration of a template app installation

Headshot of article author Teddy Bercovitz

This month we are excited to announce a new capability that enables template app publishers to automate the configuration of a template app installation for their customers!

Until today, in the course of installing a template app, users had to configure parameters in order to connect the template app to their data. Oftentimes they found this step confusing and were unsure about what information to provide, with the result that they often quit the installation without ever connecting the app to their data. Now, as a template app publisher, you can preconfigure the template app installation, making life much easier for your customers by eliminating that frequently encountered source of frustration.


Why should you automate template app configuration?

  • It reinforces the connection between your service and Power BI, making sure your users have a smooth, positive experience when redirected to Power BI for analytics consumption.
  • It reduces or eliminates customer frustration with configuring parameters.
  • It costs almost nothing to implement – we have working samples ready for you to use!

Get started today!

Create your own Automated configuration of a template app installation by following these three simple steps:

  • Create an Azure application for authenticating to Power BI API’s.
  • Integrate your service/app with Power BI automation API’s to pass the necessary parameters in the template app installation link (See the following Azure function sample to get you started)
  • Redirect users to their Power BI account where they’ll install the preconfigured template app.