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Power BI Weekly Service Update

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We are excited to announce an additional set of features available in this week’s update.  With today’s release we’ve added the ability to:

1) Choose which dashboard you want to pin the visual to.

2) Control whether the visual retains current destination theme.

3) Pin a visual from one of your own dashboards to another one of your dashboards (e.g. pinning to and from non-shared dashboards).

Here’s what the new pin dialog looks like along with a detailed description of each capability

Pinning tiles to your dashboard is easier and more controlled


1) Choose which dashboard you want to pin your visual to

The visuals you pinned no longer need to go to the last dashboard you viewed. We heard feedback that you wanted more control over exactly which dashboard a visual is pinned to, especially with the growing number of dashboards you’ve created. You can now choose the target dashboard from your existing dashboards, or even create a new dashboard and pin the visual to it in one shot.

2) Control your visual colors in the dashboard

Color formatting in Power BI helps enrich the meaning of your data, whether via customized corporate theme or various conditions you defined. When the visual is pinned, your color formatting is automatically carried over to the dashboard. We also want you the have control over your dashboard theme colors. If your report is using a different theme from the dashboard theme, you can control whether the visual retains current theme, or uses the default dashboard theme to achieve consistency across visuals from various sources.

3) Pin a visual from one dashboard to another

Imagine you already have a metric in one dashboard that you want to see that same visual on a different dashboard, or perhaps you want to have the exact same tile visual in multiple dashboards intended for different audience, you can simply pin the tile from one dashboard to another, the same way you would pin a report visual to a dashboard.

Extending your Power BI Pro trials

Are you a Power BI Pro trial user enjoying pro features like collaboration, on-premises data access and organizational content packs? Is your 60-day trial period close to expiration? If so, we have good news for you. You can contact us now to request an extension to your trial. If approved, your trial will be extended for another 60 days. Alternatively, you can also continue using pro features by purchasing Power BI Pro.

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If you are looking for additional information and support for Power BI, visit our newly revamped YouTube channel! Since GA, we have been releasing new series of videos aimed at helping users like you get started and be successful with Power BI. Start with the series Getting Started with Power BI, see how you can format Excel data to work best with Power BI, and then how to upload that data and build your first report and dashboard. Once you go through the playlist, hopefully you will know how to use all the core features of Power BI and will be well on your way to being a Power BI pro.

Our growing video channel is also a good source to learn more about Power BI Desktop and the Developer experience.