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Re: FILTER on multiple tables

The CALCUATE function is pretty handy and you can do some pretty powerful stuff with it if you need to.  

Re: Help creating a table based on another one (only distinct value)

I know it, but way too often the tables are not optimized for Business Intelligence operations   

count rows vs has one value

Is there an update to this? https://powerpivotpro.com/2011/03/the-magic-of-ifvalues/     =IF(COUNTROWS(VALUES(     ))=1,      &n...

Re: Automatically refresh JSON feed

Hi Angelia   Thanks - I'll look into options outlined!   I'm thinking the other way to incorporate the webhose.io JSON feed into Power BI is via  Power BI's REST APIs?   Tha...

Re: Does Power BI mobile app support preauthentication of Azure Active Directory?

Hi, Thank you for your suggestion. I will try  contact to mobile team.  

Re: Unable publish from Desktop to Service

Hi @mariusbr,   The fix for this is a fix in the service code. That fix should be in MSIT early next week and then in PROD a week later.   Best Regards, Qiuyun Yu

Re: Advance Editor dateadd function issue

Hi @kumarleau,   It seems to be that you may mix DAX and Power Query(M). DATEADD function is a DAX function, so it cannot be used in Query Editor. You should use it under Modeling tab l...

Re: Displaying county shapes in Power BI

Hi @DQuigg,   Have you try to use filled map visual? It support analysis shape based on latitude and longitude. Reference: Filled maps (choropleths) in Power BI (Tutorial) Map visualiz...

Refer to a parameter for Comma-Separated Values data source

Hi Everyone,   I cannot find a way to refer a parameter to the file path parts. Is there any way to do this? Or Power BI Desktop Developer has oversight of this.  

Re: Güncellemede Ağ Geçidi Bağlantı Hatası

Hi @ssonmez,   If the Google translate works fine, the issue should be that one dataset refresh is failed with this error "The gateway operation was explicitly canceled by the user or b...

Re: comma seperated is not reflecting

Hi Sir,   I am not a PRO user   I am unable to see the create support ticket option . I followed as u shown  but....

Re: measure for all records available in the table as drilled

@lephilby,   Add another filter ALL ( Workload[Team Leader] ) to CALCULATE Function as well.

Re: Invoke Function Based on User Selection

Hi @a68tbird,   No. It is not possible to pass a slicer selection to Power Query and invoke the custom function. Please be aware that Power BI always gets dataset first via Power Query,...

Design pie chart in power bi

I am new to power BI . I need to design chart in power like this .   Please provide the way step by step .

Scrolling Capability for Filters Tab Missing on Web Interface of Power BI Report Server

In the web version of the Power BI Report Server (on-premise) solution, the filter tab does not allow for scrolling. When there are more than a few filters added or when the filters are expanded on a...

Re: don't have any gateway installed or configured

Hello @v-ljerr-msft   For the MSSQL I have on-premisse  gw, but I do not want to refresh Excel data at PB service. Exist a way how to disable it? 

Re: Two tables with repeated filters

@awu3639 It compares the values in two columns and gives you only matching result.  If one column has  OatMealPie and other column has Oat Meal Pie it doesn't match.

Re: Moving/Copying PowerBI Reports/Dashboards from "My Workspace" to a group

Just a heads up I found in another article specific to publishing apps.   Note: Content that originated from copying an organizational content pack cannot be published as part of an app. ...

Re: Security for SSAS live connection not working

Hi, we face the same problem now. I 've downloaded the CU but it didn't help. If someone solved this problem by CU download https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4018908 ? Thank you for your help,...

Re: Calculate filtered by specific Date using selectedvalue

This is my problem, when I use seletevalue in order to filter my measure st_total based on date filtered on dcalendario.

Re: Monthly Averages

If you are using a calendar table try using this:   Monthly average _ = DIVIDE ( CALCULATE ( SUM ( In_Out[Total In] ), DATESBETWEEN ( 'calendar'[Date], ...

Content Packs vs Apps

Hello together,   So as I was doing some research about implementing Power BI in our company and embed it on Dynamics 365, I have come across one solution - that actually should be replac...

Export Data - Data Exceeds the Limit

Hi,   I suspect this comes with the November update. When I try to do an Export Data from a Matrix or Table I am now getting a Data Exceeds the Limit error, I used to be able to Export data wi...