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ArcGIS Maps for Power BI now available in Preview in the Power BI service

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is now available in preview on the Power BI service. Share your ArcGIS Maps with your colleagues on dashboards and use them in reports through the Power BI service.

Power BI teams up with Microsoft Teams

Have you seen the announcement about Microsoft Teams, the new chat-based workspace in Office 365? Check it out!

Data Visualization for Storytelling with Alberto Cairo & Microsoft Power BI

Visualization no longer just complements a written story — it is the story. In our increasingly data-driven world, visualization is becoming an essential tool for journalists, from national papers to blogs with a staff of one.

Configuring the Power BI Higher Education Model #2: Enrollment

Partnering with Stetson University, I am happy to share the second installment of our Power BI Higher Education Analytics solutions. This solution shows Fall term enrollment data and trends, including enrollment by degree level, class level, residency, gender, ethnicity, college, and major.

Tech Tip Thursday: Power BI auditing for a non-administrator

Do you have someone in your organization that you want to have review the Power BI audit log, but you don’t want to make them a global administrator? Today’s tech tip is for you! This week, Guy in a Cube shows how to grant audit log access within your organization without having to grant additional privileges.

Real-time in no time with Power BI

Earlier this year, we wrote about how to leverage the Power BI REST APIs to create real-time dashboards in Power BI. Ever since, we’ve seen thousands of Power BI users engage with our real-time capabilities. As a result, today I am happy to announce the preview availability of a suite of features which make it even easier to stream real-time data to Power BI, and to see that data light up in your dashboards. Designed for easy setup, these new features show our commitment towards allowing our users to quickly gain insights from data of all shapes, sizes and velocities.

Get hands-on with intelligent technologies at the Microsoft Data Science Summit

On September 26–27, the Microsoft Data Science Summit will host an interactive event on the disruptive technologies and innovative solutions in big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

New features for the Power BI Dataset API

The dataset API was the first REST API that we ever released for Power BI. It allowed a developer to programmatically create a simple dataset and then push data directly to a table within that dataset. Today, we are pleased to announce the preview of two new features that will enhance the way that data can be pushed to Power BI.

Announcing ArcGIS Maps for Power BI by Esri (Preview)

We’re excited to share at Microsoft Ignite that soon Power BI users can use ArcGIS Maps for Power BI (preview) created by Esri. This preview will bring new capabilities to all Power BI users. The ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual is provided by Esri. ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual goes a step beyond. Not only can you plot data points from Power BI, but you can also add reference layers. Layers include a selection of demographic layers provided by Esri and public web maps or those published into Esri’s Living Atlas. You will be able to create a compelling analysis that also provides reference information to get more context from the data you have in Power BI. Hover over a block group in the Median Household Income layer to find out who your customers are in a specific area.

Tech Tip Thursday: Getting started with Power BI Auditing

This week, Guy in a Cube looks at the new Power BI auditing feature. He shows how to activate auditing, and how to use it to understand who is doing what with your data within your organization.

Announcing the Power BI solution template for System Center Configuration Manager

Today we are excited to announce the release of the Power BI solution template for System Center Configuration Manager. The Power BI dashboard provides detailed information of your System Center Configuration Manager including client and server health, malware protection, software updates, and software inventory across your organization. You can compare key System Center Configuration Manager metrics to personalized targets and see how they trend over time. You can also identify trouble spots and get the information you need to understand what needs to be done.

Tech Tip Thursday: 4 troubleshooting tips for Power BI Gateway connectivity

Adam Saxton, a.k.a Guy in a Cube, has been providing support for Microsoft products for over 10 years, and this week he shares some of his tips for troubleshooting! This video focuses on fixing connectivity issues with Power BI Gateway, but also gives general advice for solving data source connection errors from any application.

Introducing the new Power BI JavaScript API

Today we are excited to announce the release of our new JavaScript API, which provides bidirectional communication between Power BI reports and your application. The JavaScript API enables you to more easily embed reports into your applications and to programmatically interact with those reports so that the applications and the reports are more integrated.

Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary

We’re releasing today the August Power BI Desktop update, which is filled with many new features and improvements! Today we are excited to share several new reporting features, new data connectors, and our new analytics pane, which is one centralized place for you to find all the analytical capabilities in Power BI and help in your data exploration.

Power BI Premium – Know What Your Premium Capacity Can Handle

Introducing a tool for accurate load testing of premium capacities

MBAS 2019 On-Demand Featured Sessions: Power BI Roadmap and Vision

The Microsoft Business Application Summit is behind us but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of content we can share with the community. We recorded almost every session on site, and we made them available in our community.

Help Improve Power BI Desktop

Here at Power BI, we love customer feedback. It’s critical for us to learn what we’re doing well and how we can improve. About once a quarter, we run a survey to get insight into your level of satisfaction with Power BI and to help understand how we can make the Desktop experience even better. This is a great chance to help us shape the product, and also enter for the chance to win some prizes if you complete the survey by 5pm PST on June 22, 2016.

Power BI Desktop June update

This month, Power BI Desktop has a few more improvements sprinkled across the board, as well as a preview of the new mapping control.

Tech Tip Thursday: 3 ways Reporting Services and Power BI work together

In this week’s Tech Tip Thursday, Guy in a Cube celebrates the arrival of SQL Server 2016 by demonstrating three ways that Reporting Services and Power BI are even more powerful when used together. Learn how Reporting Services integrates with the Power BI Mobile app, how Reporting Services handles Power BI Desktop files, and how to pin visuals from Reporting Services to a Power BI dashboard.

Power BI Mobile Apps Update – April 2016

Learn about the latest updates to the Power BI mobile apps

Power BI Service March Update Part 2

We’ve had an exciting few days last week during the Microsoft Data Insights Summit! Hopefully you were able to attend in person or watch some of the sessions online. Throughout the conference we announced a number of big features that everyone has been asking for, and hopefully gave you a few great surprises as well. If you missed some of the news or are looking for more details, read on to learn about all of the great features that we announced during the conference and a few other small features we released since our last update as well.

Nate Silver’s 3 Secrets to Handling Big Data

Last week Nate Silver spoke to a packed house at the Microsoft Data Insight Summit about the top 3 mistakes people make with big data, and suggestions on how to avoid them. Read all about his special presentation!

The Microsoft Data Insights Summit starts tomorrow!

The first ever Microsoft Data Insights Summit is happening this week on March 22 and 23 in Bellevue, Washington. Leading data analysts and Microsoft experts in Excel and Power BI will be gathering together to share their knowledge and experience, discover new insights, and demonstrate their different ways of getting things done.

Tech Tip Tuesday: getting mobile with the Power BI apps

In this week’s Tech Tip Thursday, our own Guy in a Cube is joined by Spud Trooper and Darth Spud to talk about the Power BI mobile apps.

Webinar: Introduction to Power BI for the Excel user

We often say that Excel and Power BI are “better together”, but what does that really mean? Learn how adding Power BI’s world-class tools to your Excel analysis routine can save time, make your data easier to manage, and improve the quality of insights in our next webinar, Introduction to Power BI for the Excel user, on May 17, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. PT.