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Power BI APIs Real-Time Example

See a demo of using the Power BI REST APIs to push web telemetry to a dataset and see a dashboard update in real-time.

Power Query: Unable to import Non-English SharePoint Lists

Within Power Query, you may want to pull data from a SharePoint List that is hosted on SharePoint Online. When loading from the site, you will see the lists populated in the Navigator pane. This is what it looks like for my current site that is set to…

7 new updates in Power Query

Take Power Query to the next level: share your queries and create a corporate data catalog. Try Power BI for Free today! In this Post Download the Power Query Update Support for loading Binary-typed columns (such as images) to the Data Model…

Power BI Connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI Now Generally Available

Today Microsoft and SAP announced the general availability of Power BI connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI. This joint business intelligence interoperability solution is delivered in Microsoft Excel, Power BI for Office 365 , and SAP BusinessObjects…

Earth’s Rising Tempers: Unlocking Volcanoes Insights with Power BI

Volcanoes are one of the most destructive forces of nature and always get a fair amount of attention from the general public and the scientific community. Volcanic activity generates thousands of data points. Remy Tom, one of our semi-finalist of the…

Dynamics CRM Online in Power Query

In the December update of Power Query , we included a variety of new features including support for Dynamics CRM Online. This is an exciting addition to the data sources that Power Query can connect to and will allow Dynamics CRM Online customers to load…

One Year Old Travels: A Father and Son’s Journey Through the First Year of Life

One year ago, I was holding my wife’s hand as she completed the most amazing and difficult journey of her life so far: the birth of our son. We’ve each grown so much since then, it’s hard to remember how different we were before he was born, and it’s…

Test Your Geography Knowledge with the Power Map Geo Quiz for GeoWeek 2013

The Power BI team loves geography so in honor of National Geographic’s Geography Awareness Week November 17 th -23 rd , we created this video to quiz you about some of our favorite “geo facts”. Where are highest and lowest points…

Keeping Your Reports Up to Date with Scheduled Data Refresh

You can automatically keep your workbooks up to date using the scheduled refresh functionality in Power BI for Office 365 sites. This blog post provides an overview of how the feature works, and links to a few different related pages in the Office 365…

Announcing the General Availability of Power BI for Office 365

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power BI for Office 365 , a cloud-based business intelligence service that gives people a powerful new way to work with data in the tools they use every day, Excel and Office 365. With Excel you can…

Analyzing your Microsoft Exchange Account Data with Power Query

One of the interesting additions to the Power Query Preview December update is the ability to import data from Microsoft Exchange. In this blog post, Miguel Llopis (a Program Manager in the Power Query team) will walk us through the capabilities exposed…

Describing the forecasting models in Power View

Power View performs advanced statistical analysis of the data in your line charts to generate forecasts that incorporate trends and seasonal factors. If you want to learn more about these methods and how to customize your forecasts to get the best results…

Power Map April update for Office 365 now available and Preview expiration removed in Office 2013

The Power Map team is excited and proud to bring you the April update of Microsoft Power Map for Excel. This update brings new functionality to Power Map and improves some existing features. Power Map users with an active Office 365 subscription will…

Announcing Connected Excel Tables from Power BI (Public Preview)

This feature allows users to export an Excel table from a Power BI report and keep that table connected to Power BI by refreshing it in the Excel grid.

Export to Excel Improvements for Matrix Visuals (GA)

The improvements to the Power BI matrix visual that ensures that structure of data exported to Excel is preserved is now Generally Available (GA).

Create Connected PivotTables in Excel for the web

You can now create reports connected to Power BI datasets from a blank workbook in Excel for the web.

Admin Monitoring of Power BI Usage in Excel

Learn how admins can get insights on users who are connecting to Power BI datasets from Excel with the Power BI activity logs

Announcing public preview of Insights

The Insights feature helps users easily explore and find insights such as anomalies, trends in their data as they interact and consume their reports.

REMINDER: Announcing the retirement of data support for Streaming Dataflows

Streaming Dataflows has now been retired and all data retained from the experience will no longer exist starting mid-June 2023. You can now migrate to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) No-code editor today!

Power BI Desktop June 2020 Feature Summary

We have great updates this release! We’re super excited to announce this month that several features are now generally available: automatic page refresh, the hierarchy slicer, the modern ribbon, and AI insights are now generally available. On top of this, we have several new features and updates that will really improve your reporting: many enhancements to mobile layout authoring, visual updates and more! Check out the full blog to learn more about all the updates and enhancements.

New sharing experience coming soon!

Sharing reports in Power BI will be as easy and familiar as sharing in Office. At the end of this month, we’ll be introducing a new sharing capability in Power BI that will allow reports to be shared with people within the organization through shareable links.

Best Practices to prevent GetGroupsAsAdmin API timeout

This blog post describes new changes in GetGroupsAsAdmin API to help administrators deal with timeout issues.

Heads up: Power BI OneDrive and SharePoint report viewing will be on by default starting in October

Viewing Power BI reports in OneDrive and SharePoint will be turning on by default in October, 2023. Action must be taken by September 29th if you do not want this feature on by default in your tenant.

Supporting Azure Active Directory shared device mode (preview) for Power BI Mobile apps

Shared devices are company-owned devices that are shared between employees, often frontline workers, across tasks, shifts, or locations. Most mobile apps, however, are designed for single users, and optimize their experience for use by a single user, with single sign on (SSO) across applications and keeping users signed in on their device. This behavior isn’t suitable for devices that are shared by multiple users. In the case of shared devices, employees expect to pick a device from the pool, “make it theirs” for the duration of their shift, and then to be able, at the end of their shift, to sign out from the device globally and have all their personal and company information removed so they can return the device to the pool. This is exactly what Azure AD’s shared device mode enables.

Power BI September 2023 Feature Summary

Welcome to the September 2023 update. We’ve got some updates to editing you data models, row -level security, and a reminder to update your .NET Framework version for Desktop!