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Untying the Complex

Complex problems are nothing new. They’ve existed throughout history; for instance, the tale of Alexander the Great. Legend has it there was a town in ancient Greece without a king. An oracle declared the next person to arrive with an ox cart would be king.

A man named Gordius arrived with the foretold ox cart and was crowned king. In gratitude, Gordius hung the ox cart on the city gate, tied with a knot. But this was no ordinary knot. This was an immensely complicated knot.

Gordius said that whomever unties the knot would be conqueror of all of the world. Thousands tried, but none were able... until one day. A man came along, who thought differently. He thought innovatively. He swiftly pulled out his sword, a Kopis, and cut through the Gordian Knot.  The man was Alexander the Great, who went on to conquer most of the known World.

For us, Kopis is not just a name, it’s the idea that drives us every single day. It’s a stake in the ground on how we solve problems and around which we have built our culture.

About Kopis

Kopis is a full-service IT Consulting Organization, with roots in Software Development.  Our approach to any project is a holistic one.   Providing an organization, the agility to quickly react to any interruptions is true agility.  It isn’t just about the software or the infrastructure, it is about the service to the end user.  With this viewpoint, Kopis has adopted an Agile mindset to supporting our clients.

The Kopis Way

The Kopis Approach to Power BI engagements is an example.  Understanding the larger picture, not just the initial area of focus, allows recommendations and decisions to be made that provide more flexibility in future growth. 

The Kopis Way is to begin with the end in mind, understanding what the current state of reporting is, what has worked, what hasn’t, and assembling a group of client Subject Matter Experts together to determine the dimensions and measures that are critical to the business.  We do this iteratively, one business area at a time, building the data platform accordingly.  By building the datasets, applying queries and importing data into the Power BI instance, either in the cloud or on-prem. When the dimensions (slicers) and measures (data) are assembled, we move on to applying visualizations that provide the greatest impact.  These can be canned or custom.

Kopis consultants work hand in hand with our clients using a Show, Watch, Do approach.  The result is a trained group able to accelerate the development of visualizations and dashboards for publication across your organization.

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