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Practical Solutions, Inc.

At Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI), we believe in keeping things simple.  Data solutions, whether infrastructure, reporting or visualization don't need to be overly complex.  As such, we do our best to keep our data solutions modest, efficient and sustainable for most situations.  We have a dedicated team of experienced data professionals including engineers, architects, analysts and modelers, and project managers that work together to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded for every project. 

The PSI team understands that every business problem is unique, which is why we take an individualized approach to each situation in order to ensure our solutions are custom tailored to address the specific client needs.  Our team of professionals always go above and beyond, and we value building solid long-term relationships with our clients, not just doing business.  We have helped various clients in several industries overcome their data challenges.  From reverse engineering decades-old data infrastructure to starting completely from scratch, the creativity of the PSI team is unmatched in helping our clients through their data challenges.  For any data problem we tackle, the PSI team relies heavily on PowerBI to ensure all that valuable data is being utilized in the best possible way.  We were early adopters of PowerBI as our team immediately realized the tremendous value it could offer our clients due to its ease of integration, low cost, and robust features.  Our entire data staff are PowerBI experts, and we help our clients make the most out of this powerful tool to ingest their data and quickly transform it into actionable insights.  We also offer customized training to build advanced skills and expertise within an organization.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Analytics, among other competencies, the PSI data and analytics team have gone through extensive PowerBI training programs and offer years of experience developing, implementing, and teaching PowerBI to our clients.  We have helped our clients overcome the challenges of importing data into PowerBI, centralizing data in the Azure cloud environment and connecting to PowerBI, cleaning data in PowerBI desktop, integrating various data sources in PowerBI, deploy streaming data services to PowerBI visuals, building advanced visualizations, and publishing and sharing dashboards and reports to various internal and external audiences.  Our staff participate in PowerBI online communities and stay current with all PowerBI releases.  BI is our passion, and PowerBI one is our strongest areas of expertise. 

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