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Why Relation1?

In today's competitive world, personalized marketing takes more than just getting the name right. We're people who use technology and human thinking to reach the hearts and minds of your customers. In the most personal way possible.

To reach your customers in the most effective way, we develop strategic paths that are driven by data science and customer insights. Then along with next generation solutions powered by artificial intelligence, we execute effective marketing programs that never forget your business and sales goals.

Relation1 areas of expertise:

Strategic Planning

It's all about being customer-centric. Working with your business objectives and internal capabilities, we build a strategic action plan based on our goals that can be operationalized in the real word, not just sit in a report.

Data Science and Customer Insights

This means no guess work. We break down and thoroughly explore your data to give you the most powerful weapon – knowledge. AI is engaged and used to develop deep predictive models that gain your client's long-term loyalty.
We do more than slice and dice the data. We analyze and understand the motivations that trigger engagement and sales. By having a clear understanding of your customers, we can guide you and ultimately, them to interact with your business and brand.
  • Generate a full, complete and single view of the customers.
  • Access enriched customer data that is fully actionable through our data models.
  • Launch data driven campaigns generating higher sales lift and customer engagement.
  • Optimize recommendations for each customer on an individual basis, including product selection, promotions, rewards and editorial content.
  • Customer Journey Optimization.
  • Churn Prevention Program (Winback & Reactivation).
  • Engagement scoring.
  • Segmentation and clustering.
  • And more.

Data Visualization

We leverage PowerBI capacities to deliver customer-centric, action-oriented dashboards and reports that provide valuable insights to our clients. Reports are embedded into client's applications when possible to keep all information accessible in one place.


IT should provide a head rush not a headache. As facilitators, we guide marketing, and IT resources to enhance your business efforts.
We Support omni-channel implementation through integration with leading Marketing Cloud technologies, eCommerce platforms, websites and offline processes.
As Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and Data Analytics, we have extended experience in Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Power BI, Azure Functions, Azure Machine Learning, Databricks and more.

We speak French and English and have offices in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec city.

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