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Schedule Refresh

Hi PoweBI community,   I am having trouble configuring a scheduled refresh for my dashboard. It reports that the data has been refreshed (both in the data set and the report), but it isn't acc...

Re: Duplicate column when I take data from the source

@LaithHamdan simple you can change column name according your needs.

Re: Contatenated column to sort in descending order

Hi @AlexisOlson - thanks for responding, what do I place in the [Value] option?  

Re: Encontrar patrones mensuales para múltiples identificaciones diferentes.

Esto es posible, pero ¿qué planeas hacer con la columna una vez que la tengas? Puede haber una manera más simple de obtener el mismo resultado. ¿Y por qué no usar una medida en lugar de una columna, ...

Re: Cómo extraer el nombre del mes y el año de la fecha.

Oye, esto funciona muy bien. ¿Qué harías con el mes para obtener enero, en lugar de 1?

Re: store only the first value of a filter and fill the rest with 0

Hi @gelsonwj  please try First Average = VAR CurrentID = 'Table'[id] VAR DateFarmIDTable = CALCULATETABLE ( 'Table', ALLEXCEPT ( 'Table', 'Table'[Farm_id], 'Table'[D...

If sum and countif multiple columns ranges in DAX

Hi, I have 6 columns are in my data sheet A,B&C , AA,BB&CC, the data type are mixed (number and text) based on the 6 columns I am trying to make a if statement. I am looking for measure and...

Conectar Flujo a Unidad de Red carpeta compartida

Hola, estoy intentando crear un flujo de datos con origen de una carpeta en  Unidad de red asignada  que esta alojada en este momento en unidad Z, pero no me ha dejado por temas de credenci...

I would like to know how to order an array

When I try to sort an array in ascending order it only attends to the first value. I need you to order it 1,2,3,4,5... And he is ordering it 1, 10,11,12...2,20,21... Someone knows some so...

Re: cascading filtered data to all rows with same id

@Pallekan , Create a new columns maxx(filter(Table, [ID] = earlier([ID]) && [Current operation] = "True"), [Location])

El archivo más reciente

Hola, chicos ¿Alguien podría ayudarme? ¿Cómo usaría solo el archivo más reciente de esta tabla? Gracias

Re: Count the number of States individually which are "Met" and are "Not Met" fr

  Thank you so much Yingyinr, for simplicity Please Create a Test table like in the screenshot attached, I wasn't able to send in the link because my drives are in full, X and Y are some rando...

Re: Find multiple substring DAX CONTAINSSTRING

Thanks @RajaCSN , Initialy it sould like simple request, but so many colequest I reached were not able to assist.  

Re: Visual Matrix

I do not recommend you if it served you to like and accept it as a solution

Total not working for DISTINCTCOUNT when used matrix

Hello,   I am having an issue with TOTALS when used DATEDIFF in a matrix. I followed the links that dealt with these kind of issues by using 'HASONEVALUE' filter but its not working out for me...

Matrix selection with two tables not connected directly

Hi,   I have a model like the picture below.   I need to create a Matrix using the table 2 (Cash Balances) and 3 (cash Ledger). The table 2 contains the inicial Balance and the 3 contai...

Re: bookmark navigator bug? - selected navigator opens correct page but doesnt get the Selected styl

Thanks @lbendlin for the suggestion and links. I have raised a Pro ticket, lets see.   With best, Zula

Re: Los valores dinámicos en el cuadro de texto no funcionan para los valores de parámetro en la información sobre herramientas personalizada

Hola, no estoy seguro de cuál debería ser la fórmula de medida. Parece que no puedo encontrar ninguna forma de devolver el valor que quiero en el cuadro de texto, por lo que la función de desplazamie...

Re: How to Compare the Values in Two Different Visuals and Create a New Third Visual

@OngS2,   It's not a sample data. It's a real data that shows problem with understaning how Power BI works. Just by looking at number of columns that represent month. 🙂   1 Step. Get...

Re: Dynamic Values in Text Box Aren't Working for Parameter Values in Custom Tooltip

Hi there, I'm not sure what the measure formula should be. I can't seem to figure out any way to return the value that I want in the text box itself so the hover feature therefore doesn't work. 

Create new column with previous ID

Hi    I've created the following table.    Account ID Opp ID Previous Opp ID Startdate Revenue Custom Previous Opportunity ID 100000 006AAA 006AAB 1-1-2023 &nbs...

Re: Urgent but Interesting Page Navigation/ Drill Through Use Case

Sounds Interesting, Can you provide some reference for the second part of your answer? "connect your drill trough by weblink to that column that way appears to be a button." Thanks

Re: Total not working for DISTINCTCOUNT when used matrix

DISTINCTCOUNT is not an additive measure by nature. It's only additive if there is no overlap between rows, otherwise, you're double counting some items.   I recommend reading this article f...

Cambio en las fechas durante varios meses

Hola Estoy buscando una manera de escribir una medida para ver si las fechas han cambiado en el transcurso de varios meses. Mi objetivo final es poder ver si las fechas de inicio y finalización ...

Re: Cambio en las fechas durante varios meses

@Bryan_Ross ,La información que ha proporcionado no me aclara el problema. ¿Podría explicarlo con un ejemplo? ¿Puede compartir datos de muestra y salida de muestra en formato de tabla? O un pbix ...