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Use VLOOKUP? You will love Power BI.

From the makers of Excel, Power BI gives you new ways to work. Simplify your complex formulas and supercharge your Pivot Tables.

Combine your data visually

Tired of messy formulas to combine your data? With Power BI, create relationships visually and watch us do the hard work for you.

Supercharge your formulas

Power BI includes a formula language that works like Excel, so you can get started quickly and achieve some things you didn’t think were possible.

Turn your work into teamwork

Free yourself from endless requests for reports. Once you’ve built your analysis with Power BI, you will be surprised how much easier it is for others to get the answers they need on their own.

[Power BI] frees up our team to do more of the insight and storytelling instead of just pulling data and handing it off.

Jeff Petrusa, Marketing and Analytics team, Conde Nast

Get started with one easy download

Download Power BI Desktop

Get Power BI tools all in one convenient download. Get everything above, plus amazing visuals to present and share your analysis with others.