From shop floor to customer door—transform manufacturing with Power BI

Transform your manufacturing and reshape how you engage customers using data to drive decisions and advanced analytics for proactive insights.

Increase resiliency by reimagining manufacturing

Transform your workforce

Give your people the tools they need to help business groups move from data to decisions in hours, not months. Equip them to analyse production, sales, and revenue data securely—by utilising industry standard data security and access controls—while staying connected wherever they are.

Engage customers in new ways

Know your customers better. See their purchasing patterns, then provide personalised service with powerful insights from your marketing, sales, and service data. Use advanced analysis and AI to remotely monitor equipment and provide proactive, preventative maintenance.

Create more resilient supply chains

Discover actionable insights based on warehouse capacity usage, stock levels, and delivery logistics to uncover bottlenecks in the supply chain. Improved visibility means you’re better positioned to plan for, and meet, future customer demand.

Build more agile factories

Quickly identify areas of operational efficiency in real time by analysing costs, capacity, and output data to avoid delays across the manufacturing line. Visualise terabytes of data from equipment sensors, then use AI to predict hardware issues and prevent production disruptions.

Unlock innovation and deliver new services

Create new business opportunities by building a data culture—empowering every employee to access, collaborate on, and analyse data across your organisation using self-service data connectors and custom visualisation tools.

How manufacturing customers are getting results with Power BI

Power BI was more powerful on light ETL functionality and its usability than other tools.


“Power BI was more powerful on light ETL functionality and its usability than other tools, which helped win it over in the company.”

Morten Hannibalsen Olsen

Application Consultant, Grundfos

Power BI has proven itself as being a very powerful tool

Sandvik Coromant

“Power BI has proven itself as being a very powerful tool. It’s easier for top managers to use the reports and has helped our company to become more data-driven.”

Mathias Johansson

CIO, Sandvik Coromant

Explore sample reporting and dashboard solutions for manufacturing

Equipment testing and QA analysis

Helping electronics and electromechanics equipment manufacturers analyse data from tests and quality checks to derive insights and take proactive actions that reduce costs associated with internal inefficiencies and warranty claims.

Manufacturing operations dashboard

Spend more time delivering value instead of building complex projects. Give your operations and accounts teams the ability to centrally analyse general ledger, procurement, order fulfilment, and deliveries of manufactured goods.

Supply chain and remote resource management with IoT analytics

Run your manufacturing business more efficiently by easily analysing ERP data collected with Dynamics NAV or Dynamics AX including production costs, capacity, output, and bill-of-materials impacts.