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Our client successes with Power BI is often measured against their past analytics and reporting efforts before engaging with enVista.  Delivering immediate value and ROI by providing a scalable way for the consumption of information that harvests data-driven decisions using Power BI, on virtually any platform, gets our clients ‘up and running’ quickly and efficiently.  Laying the proper foundation from which to scale a Power BI and Reporting culture in our customer environments is tenement to our client’s long-term success.  Proper foundational planning and roll out of the Power BI solution allows for quick wins to be achieved, specifically focusing on current documented or newly discovered problems, while enabling a high-level future based roadmap of actionable steps that can be taking when the solution needs to scale.  In order to facilitate a Power BI path to success, we encourage our clients to participate in enVista’s BI and Assessment Health Check. 


During enVista’s BI Assessment & Health Check, we determine the organizational maturity of BI & Reporting in the environment to identify and isolate immediate problematic processes (or lack of processes) that have a negative impact on the business.  Our assessments make an immediate impact by reviewing existing systems and data sources, reviewing current processes and procedures, identifying reporting challenges, and enabling the identity of the desired future state: 

  • Facilitate requirements gathering with key stakeholders to determine current and future Power BI needs. 
  • Perform a technical assessment to ensure high performance, scalability, and accessibility of the Power BI Platform. 
  • Complete an in-depth review of current reports, dashboards, and analysis and make recommendations to produce new reports and dashboards. 
  • Analyze the current level of end user adoption of the Power BI platform to customize training options for the designers and consumers of Power BI so that a high adoption rate of the software is achieved. 

enVista’s BI professional services team allows our customers to be successful with Power BI by providing industry best practice recommendations, developing a right-sized approach for operations, diagnosing quick wins for immediate ROI, and cost saving by identifying the best use of existing technology investments.  Success for the end user is achieved by implementing a tailored solution of Power BI coupled with the recommendations of the assessment, while also leaning on Power BI’s robust out-of-the-box capabilities: 

  • Data Integration – the natural integration with other Microsoft applications coupled with hundreds of data connectors 
  • Easy Report Building – Power BI’s drag-and-drop report building means anyone can slice and dice data with a few clicks.  Users can see analytics in real-time, getting the information that they need now. This makes an immediate impact on our client’s success 
  • Availability on virtually any platform – businesses need to see their information wherever and whenever; our customers can see their analytics and KPI’s in real time, getting the information they need to make better business decisions.  
  • Historical, Current and Future All Together – Data modeling comes close to allowing our customers to predict the future. With Power BI, our customers run what-if scenarios to see how their business will fare if they hire more workers, build another site etc.  
  • Improve Customer Experience – by enabling our customers to analyze processes and track workflow completions in easy-to-digest Power BI visualizations, managing the overall customer experience has becomes much more simplified. 

Laying the proper foundation from which to scale a Power BI culture in our customers environments is tenement to our client’s long-term success.  Proper foundational planning and roll out of the Power BI solution allows for quick wins to be achieved by our clients. With Power BI and enVista’s professional services team, we enable our customers to bring all their data together to gain meaningful insights that have an immediate positive impact on their business. Harnessing data from diverse sources and desperate databases and formats is extremely efficient with Power BI. With an ever-increasing emphasis to pull data from multiple open source and proprietary cloud platforms and services, our clients sleep at night knowing enVista is their Power BI partner for all their current and future needs.  Our proven methods of consultative success coupled with the strength and agility of Microsoft and Power BI ensure our customers stay on the Microsoft path of success. 

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