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Kiefer Consulting, Inc.

Our consultants can help your organization better understand critical business metrics and assist you in leveraging data to make more informed, strategic decisions.

The highly-experienced Kiefer team has deep expertise with industry-leading data analytics and visualization tools and can assist with delivering a business intelligence solution. We can work with your organization as a strategic partner, mentor your team, share best-practices, and help you extract meaning from your data.

Business Intelligence & Planning Strategy

Regardless of the business intelligence tools you elect to standardize on, it’s important to have a strategy. Kiefer can help you by introducing your organization to the Kiefer Business Intelligence Roadmap. We can help you in understanding roles, required competencies, tools, resources, best practices, and common barriers to success.

Data Visualization & Support

Our consulting practice understands how to work with data and can help your organization gain meaningful insights by presenting your data in a new and more accessible way. Our data analytics and visualization practice can help you in displaying critical data in easy-to-read charts, maps, plots, and graphs. Users will no longer have to comb through rows and columns on a spreadsheet, they will be able to quickly see patterns, trends, anomalies, and relationships in easy-to-read and intuitive visualizations.

Implementation & Integration

With domain expertise, Kiefer is a trusted implementation partner. Our team can help you in implementing and integrating Microsoft Power BI. We can work closely with your team to deploy Power BI and connect it to databases, disparate data sources and applications.

Process & Reporting Optimization

Our consulting practice can provide guidance and support to improve processes and reporting. We can provide the foundation for your organization to build a “data culture” that embraces best practices and focuses on not only answering questions with reporting but anticipates them.

Performance Optimization

Perhaps your organization has already made investments in business intelligence, but you may need a little help in getting your internal efforts optimized. We can help you in tuning your program and assess critical variables. We can look at dashboard design, report design, data models, databases, ETL efficiency, and more.

Data Warehousing Assistance

If you are serious about data analytics and business intelligence, you’ll need a data warehouse. Our consultants can provide insights and recommendations to your organization and assist you with crafting the data warehousing strategy. We can review architecture, tools, organization, data governance, and scalability.

Analysis & Reporting Support

If you haven’t standardized on a business intelligence tool we can advise you on the various options, strengths and weaknesses and the solutions that best align with your requirements. We can provide analysis and reporting support for new Power BI implementations as well as support for clients that are looking to extract more value from the tools they are already using.

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