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How to maintain version or source of a PBIX file?

I am unable to add the PBIX files to the TFS server.    Is there any other approach to maintain the version of the PBIX files as well as to allow multiple users to work on the same source...

Re: onPremise Gateway cannot connect to datasources

@v-yuezhe-msft : I have done it now - and it indeed has resolved the problems on all reports, but 1. Wondering, if there was anything changed in the Gateway settings by MS or our company, because i...

Re: Missing data after closing the Query Editor

Update: after upgrade to Novembers's version the issue persists.

Re: Existing relationship not working

Hi @davide00,   seems to me that your problem is that the Actuals value in the Detail analysis is in the wrong format as you can see in the values you have First Actuals if this is a numb...

Re: Filtering a linked table by what is selected in the report

Any way that you can post sample data or, better yet, the PBIX you are using?

Re: Source code for PowerBI native table visual

This decision to hide from delevelopers the code for the native visuals doesn't make any sense!   Having those would only help the community to improve Microsoft Power BI, and increase it's us...

Re: Even if there is no duplicated records, Power BI does not create relationships between two table

I have the identical error. Even when I copy and paste data straight into a new table. Really hard sorting a chart of accounts!!! If you get anywhere with this issue please post the solution as I wo...

Re: Multiple Variables on X Axis

this is the ouput you are looking for, correcT?

Embed Report to SharePoint

Hi, I have successfully created a report in Power BI desktop and published to the web version. There I have accessed my report and chosen to "Embed in SharePoint Online". Then I go to SharePoint a...

Re: Fix for missing Matrix/Table missing in Chrome -- clear your browser cache

Hi @mdkid3me,   Thanks for your sharing.   Regards, Yuliana Gu

Re: Data processing capacity

Hi  Qiuyun Yu,   Attached the Dropbox link with the pbix file. There is no problem with confidentiality. My dahsboard is in Spanish.   https://www.dropbox.com/s/db0ng2rgsuv6b6f...

Re: Power BI User Group for Data Access, Transformation, and Cleansing

@Brettp761, Thanks for your sharing. Regards, Lydia

[intl bash] typo on query reduction slicer

There is a slicer selected Query reduction on the Report Option.     The label should be “적용 ”.

Re: last 7 and last 14 days data in slicer

@msudulag   I don't think that we can do it without creating model. You can also do the similar thing using the Relative slicer.   Reference: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/bl...

Re: Clustered Column Chart Help

@ThePowerBIQueen   Does above solution help?   Best Regards, Herbert

Re: Analyze in Excel not working after updating Office 365 to latest update (Version 1709)

Try these   https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Integrations-with-Files-and/Analyze-in-excel-system-error/m-p/273738#M13367     https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/analyze-in-ex...

Re: SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR does not seem to work if there is a specific date filter

  Total Sales LY and YTD Sales LY returns the same value, regardless of other filters applied. Perplexed.  @sanimesa, How do you create your visual and what fields do yo...

Re: Filter date until this month

Already found the answer!   = Table.SelectRows(#"Name of Previous Step", each [pafo_EstimatedEndDate]   Thank...

Re: Power BI Service data source - Couldn't retrieve the data for this visual. Please try again late

Hi @v-jiascu-msft, 1. The source of the dataset is Oracle database with import query and configured the gateway. 2. The error occurs in every visual which I used - slicers, Card, Donut chart, Line Ch...

Re: Attribute Slicer unable to load

Could you please prepare a sample report that allows to reproduce this issue?   Ignat Vilesov, Software Engineer   Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals pbicvsupport@microsoft.com

Re: Custom ranking (preassigned values)

Hi @v-huizhn-msft, yes I got to check that offered solution given by @Zubair_MuhammadZubair Mohammad. I thought if in case you want to contribute from your side in a different way :-)

Re: schedule group quantities by week ending date measure?

The DAX-version would be this:   WeeklyCal = GENERATESERIES ( ( NOW () - WEEKDAY ( NOW () ) + 6 ), DATE ( YEAR ( NOW () ), 12, 31 ), 7 )     &n...

Re: App Permissions

Hi @samb0x,   Currently, it is not able to disable the dataset access permission for read-only members. As we can see from the dialog box when publishing an APP, viewers will be granted...

Re: ArcGIS Map Issue

Hi @jamalq123,   I got information below:    Esri ran into a bug and had to roll back. Current ETA is Monday or Tuesday to release.    Best Regards...