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Re: Reference local geojson file in custom visual

As a workaround I tried to reference the file from a CDN:   map.data.loadGeoJson('https://storage.googleapis.com/.../google.json');   but now it throws an error that the file request ha...

Where the data is refreshed? (custom column vs calculated column)

Hi!   I have a question here. I have a calculated column who makes ages based on the birthdate column.   But I'm not sure where the column everyday calculated the age again: I...

Re: Select a value with the filter of previous month and create a new column. Power Query (M code)

In Power Query --> Add Column --> Add Index Column, can start at 0 or 1  

Re: Slicer filtered value

For whatever reason, slicers do not support visual level filters. You could use page or report filters to filter these out, or you could simply do something like this:     Column = SW...

Re: measure calculation - very odd problem

Baskar, I investigated a little bit further and found the couse of the problem which will be imporssible to identify without DAX studio.   The trace shows that when "sort by column" ...

Re: calculate difference on two column values on visual Table

OK, first question, does it work?   After that, tough to say exactly, how many rows are we talking about?

Re: Power BI Tricky new question

That greatly depends on what your original source data looks like, how is that structured? Is it like the first table? 

Re: invitation code invalid

Hi @adithyanaini, Could you please tell me if your problem has been solved? If it is, could you please mark the helpful replies as Answered to close this topic?   Regards, Daniel He

Re: Schedule Refresh Error

I wonder if you had to enable the trial if it would refresh?

Re: YTD last year DAX

Hi Owen,   Is it possible to get the logic below with the exception that it calcultates sales amount with a start date based on selected value from a date slicer?   Sales Amou...

Re: YTD all employees

Hi @hnguyen76   Can you please share some data or pbix file to explore a solution.     Cheers   CheenuSing

Re: RELATED, MERGE table or none

Hey @Greg_Deckler Thank you so much for your answer, Of course i agree with you that we should attach a sample file in order to have better and accurate advice, but i thought in this case it w...

Re: Add a new column to the existing data set and refresh

Here's an idea, if you are keeping the data source constant but modify the content in terms of adding or removing columns would it not be easier to allow functionality for the option to review and re...

Re: Filter from context transition vs previous external filter on same field

The CALCULATE function performs a context transition. A column filter (Date[Date]) then overwrites an existing filter over the same column. The lack of CALCULATE explains what you observe ...

Re: Density Label BUG?

@Greg_Deckler https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qY4QIp2DuRRk39Opqa0iHyxIOFcrioa7/view?usp=sharing   Thanks Greg

Re: Filter from context transition vs previous external filter on same field

@MFelix   Cool. Your latest example is still consistent with my hypothesis.     FILTER  (  Table1; Table1[Date] =  DATE  (   2018 ; ...

Re: Waterfall Chart using multiple measures

Over two years later and it looks like this is still impossible for PowerBI... possible for PowerPivot, but not PowerBi. hmm

Re: PowerBI Apps REST API returns "Certain required feature switch is disabled" error

Some standard apps like JIRA, GitHub and ClickDimensions are not returned by api although they are listed on "Apps" page.

Re: How to create a column from single cell

Hey,    as there are single cells distributed across the excel sheet, this becomes very cumbersome. Please provide an Excel workbook with sample data, upload the workbook to onedri...

Too Many Measures?

I am working with a lot of variables and I have a questions regarding measures. Let's say I have 30 variables for which I need to perform calculations to see Day over Day, Week over Week, Month over ...

Re: insert numbering page

Interested to know if this feature exist too. 

Re: Dataflow updating time

Hi @Gabriellopes,   Once your dataflow has been saved, you’ll want to schedule the refresh frequency for each of your connected data sources. Power BI dataflows use the Power BI data ...

Re: Colour data points on a map according to category

Hi everyone! Bumping up this old topic as I have a similar issue with using a map to categorize items.   I know that I can use the location for the country and then the Legend for the category...

Re: cumulative/total to obtain cumulative percentage

Hi @colourfullife,   Is you X-axis from you fact table? Here we can create a calculated table using VALUES function and create relationship between it and the fact table.   Then we ...