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Re: Variation in colours displayed in Power BI Service

This appears to have resolved the issue, thanks very much for your help!   Kind regards

Re: Power Bi as a reporting tool for our web app

@randyminder You can integrate Power BI to your web application following the links in above post. Further more, you could do more customization with Power BI Javascript API, see online demos.

Re: How to decide column visibility based on user role?

@Seth_C_BauerIf this basic feature is not available, is there any other alternative to toggle the visibility of the column?   Any DAX formula can help on this?   Best Regards Vipin

Re: Count duplicate values and number them as 1,2,3.

Hi Zubair, Thanks for your help, I just tweeked   SupportingColumn = RANDBETWEEN ( 1, count(Table[URN] )   Then I applied your RankX . It worked..   Duplicate_Numbering = ...

Re: Tableau vs. Power BI: My Two Cents

Did you try using the Esri map vs the native Power BI map? That has way more customization options

Re: September 2017 update bug. Unexpected error: Object reference not set to an instance of an objec

Hi @v-qiuyu-msft. For some reason I didn't receive a notification about your comment here... Unfortunately neither October nor November update fixed the issue. Here are the trace logs.

Re: ABC Analyse; cumulative sum and percentage

hi, thanks a lot, i tried, looks nice it does all at in one measure, i have troubles to "translate" th measure to my data's at this moment it seems to be too high for me;-)   kind regards Fr...

Re: Table Preview not scrolling to top when filtered by other visuals

@Vicky_Song @v-haibl-msft Looks like this issue has not been fixed yet. Any ETA on when it will be fixed?


This is a pretty comprehensive report. Is it possible to download the .pbix file for this report?

Re: help with dax calculate column

Thanks @Zubair_Muhammad   I try . But it dosn't works. That's the result . the same number for all of them.   

Re: help with dax calculate column

Hi @yoav20007   Try this   = IF ( ISBLANK ( Table1[Rates] ), CALCULATE ( LASTNONBLANK ( Table1[Rates], Table1[Rates] ), FILTER ( Table1, Table1[date] < EARLIE...

Re: Last Month and Last Year Same Month for both Fiscal and Calendar Month

Hi,   Share the link from where i can download your file.  Also, show the expected result there.

Re: Time stamps visual

Hi @v-shex-msft and thank you for your reply.

Re: Drilllthough sometimes does not pass filter

Lydia,   I have been unable to produce with Excel, but am continuing to see the issue.  With further testing, I now think it is unrelated to the filter state at publication.   We...

Slicer-based History View - Initial/Latest Value, number of changes

I'm trying to represent date changes (from a history table) over a user-specifiable period of time. I'd like to be able to show not only the number of changes that have occured in the time period, bu...

Re: Nov Release Power Bi Desktop

Thank you @kimani!   I tested at home on one file but my important files can only be updated at the office, so I will give it a try on Monday. I hope it works fine because I always like ...

Re: ABC Analyse; cumulative sum and percentage

Did you try this out already?:  http://www.daxpatterns.com/abc-classification-dynamic/  

Re: Power BI Report Server Licensing

@riccardomuti , Actually we are also confused with too many different opinions and there is no clear documentation from Microsoft also.  I have few questions. If you can help me out it...

Re: How to reflect new columns from Blob

I had tried to add new column,but still the same error. Had seen the data after uploading the csv with new column to bolb.New column exists and powerbi report is hitting the same blob.   Woul...

DAX Distinct String

I am trying to create a new table that returns distinct string from a data table. I created the new table, created a new column with TAGNO = DISTINCT(Table1[tag]) and nothing was returned. Where am I...

Unexpected error: Attempted to read or write protected memory.

Hi there, I have updated to the actual November release. After that I have experienced the following error in all of my workbooks using my ODBC Connection:   Unexpected error: Attempted to r...

Grand total wrong when using =IF formula

Hey guys. I’m new to Power BI and I’ve encountered a problem I can’t seem to fix. I’m not at liberty to post the actual numbers or a picture of the connections (everything should be connected though)...

Re: app.powerbi.com is down in the north europe

Magically up and running again... For me this was the second major outage in three days.. I'm hoping this isn't becoming a frequent issue... 

Re: virtual relationship with treatas

Dear Lydia, thank you for your efforts.   Unfortunately I won't be able to strip down the data model in the nearest future due to a tight deadline.   I found a workaround calculating t...