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Webinar 5/9 Implementing Power BI Data Modeling with Avi Singh

In this follow up session to “Power BI Modeling Best Practices for Business Users” noted Author and Power BI MVP, Avi Singh, will dive into Power BI and walk through some real world scenarios of creating a Power BI Data Model while following the best practices

Power BI Desktop May Feature Summary

This month we have major updates across all areas of Power BI Desktop. Along with many other reporting features, we have our biggest update to conditional formatting in while, the ability to format any fields, including strings and dates, by a different field in the model. Drillthrough also gets a major update this month with the ability to carry all filters through to the destination page. We are also enabling enterprise level scalability through incremental data refresh.

New developer samples for update data sources and encrypt credentials

New developer samples for update data sources and encrypt credentials

Announcing email notifications for non-owners of dataflows

Email notifications for dataflow refreshes are now available for non-owners

Premium Gen 2 timeline update – Capacity size enforcement and autoscale charges coming up

Premium Gen2 Preview important dates for autoscale coming up and timelines update

Announcing VNet Connectivity for PBI Datasets (Public Preview)

We are excited to announce the public preview of VNet connectivity for Power BI datasets.

Announcing support for non-Premium Power BI datasets in Power BI Paginated Report Builder

To kick off July, we’ve dropped the latest update to Power BI Report Builder in the download center.  It includes, for the first time, the ability to browse your Power BI workspaces and connect to your Power BI datasets, whether or not they are backed by premium capacity. 

Trusted Third Party Connectors for Power BI

We’re happy to announce one of our most commonly requested features for custom connector support in Power BI – Trusted Third Party Connectors. As it stands today, the only way that you can use a connector with the ‘Recommended’ security setting is for it to be signed and distributed by Microsoft. Unfortunately, this stops a … Continue reading “Trusted Third Party Connectors for Power BI”

The Publish to web default is changing and it affects who can create public embed codes

The change to the Publish to web default experience announced in 2019 will start rolling out this week. It requires Power BI admins to take action before users can create new publish to web embed codes. This blog help you understand what users can expect and what actions admins should take as the change rolls out.

Now in preview: Conversational BI with Q&A on Power BI mobile apps (iOS)

With Power BI mobile apps on iPhone and iPad, you can view and interact with all of your pre-defined reports and dashboards while on the go. But what about answering questions that are not pinned to your dashboards? Or questions that you didn’t prepare for? With this release, we are happy to add a preview of Q&A capabilities to our Power BI iOS app. With a unique chat-like experience that’s tailor-made for natural language, you can ask questions of your data and receive answers in the form of charts and graphs directly on your mobile device.

Power BI Desktop January Feature Summary

Happy New Year! Today is our first Desktop update of the year. With this new year, we have a new release cadence as well. We are going to be releasing earlier in the month going forward. This month has several exciting improvements for tables and matrix and several connector improvements as well.

New APIs available for custom visuals developers

It has been a few months since we released the new developer tools and custom visuals APIs, and we are working to add more APIs to help you develop the best custom visuals possible. On that note, we are excited to announce that version 1.4 was just released, introducing localization support, so now custom visuals are aware of the locale, and can localize the content of the visual accordingly. Read more about the new APIs available for custom visuals developers!

Explore your Insightcentr data with Power BI

Insightcentr is a SaaS solution that helps businesses understand workforce productivity by providing time-oriented reporting into web or desktop usage software. It provides analytics as to when, and to what extent, a workforce is using software, helping businesses to optimize software licensing costs and support process re-engineering efforts. Data can be anonymous and aggregated to ensure privacy is maintained. We’ve released a new content pack to make it easy to connect to your Insightcentr data!

Submit your work and attend our next Dashboard Makeover

Ask the experts at Microsoft and find out if the visual design of your work is helping to project your data story, or just creating confusion. Attend the live webinar on November 17, 2016 to see how our Power BI pros turn dashboards and reports from standard to shiny, sharing insights more efficiently and making a bigger impact on your audience. If you want to learn more about dashboard and report design, with or without a submission of your own, register now for the Dashboard Makeover webinar!

Webinar 10/20: Create PowerApps to send real time Power BI data

This week, webinars are back with the PowerApps team! On October 20, we’ll be joined by Laura Onu, and she’ll be walking us through how to create and customize applications with PowerApps.

Tech Tip Thursday: a look at the new Power BI Embedded Sample

Microsoft’s Guy in a Cube has been providing tips and tricks for Power BI and Business Intelligence on his YouTube channel since 2014. On Thursdays we highlight a different helpful video from his collection. This week, he takes a look at the new Power BI Embedded Sample that’s designed to show you what the API code should look like from a JavaScript perspective. The new sample includes code examples and comments to give you a feel for embedding Power BI reports into your own application.

Free online Power BI and Excel sessions at the Data Insights Summit

If business data matters to you, here’s where to dig in deep — and at no cost.

Nate Silver keynotes Data Insights Summit on March 23

Learn about the Data Insights Summit keynote to be delivered by best-selling author, Nate Silver.

Power BI Mobile Apps Update – February 2016

A new update for Power BI just hit your favorite app store! This update includes a number of highly requested improvements and features. Remember, your feedback helps us decide what to implement in…

Your data. Your visualizations. Your way – with Power BI

With the announcement of the Microsoft Power BI Embedded service, we now have another exciting Power BI solution to help you build Business Intelligence solutions with the best and most impactful data visualizations to enable your users to do more with data. In this article covers when to use each Power BI offer.

Announcing the Power BI app for Windows 10 Mobile

We are excited to introduce the Power BI app for Windows 10 Mobile. This new app is another step towards Power BI‘s goal to bring your data anywhere, anytime, everywhere . Similar to the Power BI apps for iOS and Android, the Windows 10 app…

Visual Awesomeness Unlocked – Horizontal Funnel

By Amir Netz, Technical Fellow and Mey Meenakshisundaram, Product Manager Happy New Year! We are happy to welcome you to this new year with a colorful new entrant to the power bi custom visuals family – the ‘Horizontal Funnel’. We are…

Power BI supports the power of giving

by Barb Edson, General Manager, Data Platform You’ve gone through Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Now it’s time to give back. Today is #GivingTuesday, a day dedicated to the power of giving and encouraging people everywhere…

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI – New Online edX Course

We are happy to announce a new Data Visualization course available on edX . Learn how to connect and visualize your data with Power BI, Microsoft’s latest business intelligence tools and services. In this course, you will learn how to connect…

Visual Awesomeness Unlocked – The Globe Map

By Amir Netz, Technical Fellow and Manoj Patel, Software Engineer All Map enthusiasts, we have a special treat for you this week. You are going to love it! Some of you might have seen this already in our demos but this week you can touch it and feel…