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Known issue - Long running, failed or stuck dataflow in Power BI Premium - Power BI

A known issue is posted where you may encounter a long running, failed or stuck dataflow on Power BI Premium.

Local Storage API in Power BI Visuals - Power BI

The article describes how to use Power BI Visuals API to get access to browser local storage.

Automate configuration of template app installation for your customers - Power BI

Learn about automating the configuration of template app installation.

Metadata passed from Microsoft Power BI to Microsoft Graph - Power BI

When the Microsoft Graph experience for Power BI is turned on, what data is shared with Microsoft 365?

Connect to an Impala database in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Learn how to connect to an Impala database in Power BI Desktop to use the underlying data just like you can with any other data source.

How to find your report server product key - Power BI

Learn how you can find your Power BI Report Server product key to install your server in a production environment.

Power BI Application lifecycle management (ALM) deployment pipelines history - Power BI

Learn how the history feature works in the deployment pipelines, the Power BI Application lifecycle management (ALM) tool.

Report parameters in Power BI Report Builder - Power BI

Learn about common uses for Power BI Report Builder report parameters, the properties you can set, and much more.

Export reports to PDF - Power BI

Learn how to export a Power BI report to PDF.

Sensitivity labels troubleshooting - Power BI

Find guidance for resolving common issues related to sensitivity labels in Power BI.

Sharing and discovery with datamarts (preview) - Power BI

Share and discover data using datamarts

Power BI report scheduled refresh in Power BI Report Server - Power BI

Scheduled refresh for Power BI reports allows the data for a report with an embedded model to stay up to date.

10 tips for getting help with your Power BI questions - Power BI

Ten tips for help with Power BI and see the answers the experts follow when asking Power BI questions.

Browser support for Power BI Report Server - Power BI

Learn about what browser versions are supported for managing and viewing Power BI Report Server and the Report Viewer Controls.

Change data source connection strings with PowerShell - Power BI

Change data source connection strings using APIs in PowerShell - Power BI Report Server.

Add comments to a report in Power BI Report Server - Power BI

Learn how to add comments to a Power BI or a paginated report on a Power BI Report Server or SQL Server Reporting Services report server.

Troubleshoot sign-in issues or reset your password for Power BI - Power BI

Help to unblock users who are unable to sign in to Power BI and need to reset a password or contact support

Transactability and license enforcement - Power BI

This article discusses how to retrieve the Power BI visual's licenses and trigger the display of out of box license related notifications to the PBI user.

Scenarios: When to use hierarchies in Power BI scorecards - Power BI

Hierarchies are a big feature, and you may be wondering where to get started or how to use it in your organization. To help you, we’ve compiled a few useful scenarios.

Installing the Log Analytics for Power BI Datasets Template App (preview) - Power BI

Installation guide for the Template App that visualizes Dataset activity from Analysis Services

Transform, shape, and model data in Power BI - documentation - Power BI

Power BI documentation provides expert information about transforming, shaping, and modeling data in Power BI.

Power BI for business users - Power BI

Getting started with Power BI? Get to know the features and capabilities of the Power BI service, and see what you can do with them as a Power BI business user.

Dataset description - Power BI

Learn what a dataset description is, how it's useful, and how to provide it. Users see dataset descriptions in the dataset details page, information tooltips, and other places throughout the Power BI user interface.

Manage embed codes - Power BI

Learn how to manage Power BI embed codes.

Publish Power BI visuals to the Microsoft commercial marketplace - Power BI

Learn how you can publish your custom visual to Partner Center for others to discover and use.