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2/7 Webinar: Personal Bookmarks in the Power BI Service

Headshot of article author Charles Sterling

Join Power BI Program Manager, Charles Sterling, and Power BI MVP, Yana Berkovich, they walk you through how to use personal bookmarks in the Power BI Service and general best practices around using bookmarks in Power BI.  If you are not familiar with personal bookmark, as a report consumer, you will now be able to create your own set of bookmarks for each report by capturing various states of a report page (including filters, slicers, and state of visuals), give them friendly names, and later return to each state with just one click! Not only that, you will also be able to make any bookmark that you create the default view, so you can land on your favorite view of the report every time you open it.

When:  2/7/2019 9AM PST


About Yana Berkovich (MBA, Eng.)

Microsoft Data Platform MVP – BI Analyst & Product Manager. Community speaker about PowerBI, O365, data insights and content management. A people-oriented professional, Product Manager, experienced Business and IT process analyst. Experienced in providing service through the product life-cycle: Idea generating process, requirements gathering & prioritization, solution design, building solutions, customization, developing, change management, implementation, training and managing those stages between multiple teams.