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Microsoft Fabric Launch Event | May 24-25

Headshot of article author Tyler Mays-Childers

Microsoft Fabric Launch Event banner for a live simulcast on May 24 and 25, and available on-demand post-broadcast

Microsoft Fabric is now in public preview! Unify your data to unlock intelligence faster with a lake-first, open, and governed analytics foundation. Read the launch blog >

On May 24-25, we unveiled all the exiting Fabric details and demos in a two-day live simulcast emceed by our favorite hosts from Guy in a Cube! See the session lineup below.

Both days are now available on-demand: Day 1 | Day 2

Event hosts Adam Saxton profile picture Adam Saxton
Principal PM
Patrick LeBlanc profile picture Patrick LeBlanc
Principal PM

Video still from digital event teaser with Microsoft Build 2023 banner and Adam Saxton, Patrick LeBlanc, and Arun Ulagaratchagan profile pictures

Amir Netz, Arun Ulagaratchagan, Justyna Lucznik, and Patrick Baumgartner profile pictures Analytics in the era of AI
Get your first look at all that Microsoft Fabric has to offer with our opening keynote.
Amir Netz, Technical Fellow
Arun Ulagaratchagan, CVP, Azure Data
Justyna Lucznik, Product Manager
Patrick Baumgartner, Principal Program Manager
Patrick Baumgartner and Arun Ulagaratchagan profile pictures Supercharge productivity with AI-driven Copilot experiences
Learn how we’re deeply integrating AI to work alongside you within Microsoft Fabric, helping you unlock intelligence and take smarter actions more quickly, from creating new reports and consuming data to identifying insights and even writing calculations.
Patrick Baumgartner, Principal Program Manager
Arun Ulagaratchagan, CVP, Azure Data
Josh Caplan and Adi Regev profile pictures Eliminate data silos with OneLake, the OneDrive for data
Take a deep dive into OneLake, a single, unified storage system for all your data. Teams can easily explore and discover data to reuse, manage, or analyze, and business units can work independently in a data mesh pattern, without the tax of separate lakes.
Josh Caplan, Principal Group Product Manager
Adi Regev, Partner Group Program Manager
Wee Hyong Tok and Shireen Bahadur profile pictures Modernize your data integration for petabyte-scale analytics
Join us to learn about how Microsoft Fabric enables near real-time analytics. Find out how Data Factory in Fabric empowers you with a modern data integration experience to ingest, prepare, and transform data from a rich set of data sources.
Wee Hyong Tok, Partner Director PM
Shireen Bahadur, Program Manager II
Priya Sathy profile picture Unlock value from your data with Synapse Data Warehouse
Empower everyone from your citizen data enthusiasts to data engineers, data scientists, and BI consumers to accelerate insights using Microsoft Fabric. Join this session to learn about ingesting, transforming, sharing, and analyzing data easily and securely at any scale.
Priya Sathy, Partner Director PM


 DAY 2
Justyna Lucznik profile picture Use Spark to accelerate your lakehouse architecture
Discover the latest data engineering developments in Microsoft Fabric. See how data engineers can easily ingest, prepare, and responsibly share data across the organization. Learn how to set up your lakehouse architecture and leverage Spark to transform your data at scale.
Justyna Lucznik, Product Manager
Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer and Anton Fritz profile pictures Secure, govern, and manage your data at scale
Learn about enterprise compliance and governance in Microsoft Fabric, including advanced monitoring and management reports, data lineage, and built-in Microsoft Purview capabilities such as Data Catalog, Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Audit.
Arthi Ramasubramanian Iyer, Group Program Manager
Anton Fritz, Principal PM Lead
Nellie Gustafsson profile picture Go from models to outcomes with end-to-end data science workflows
Hear about the latest data science developments in Microsoft Fabric, including how to use workflows all the way from data exploration to tracking experiments, to building and deploying ML models to gain business insights. We’ll also explore semantic models for data science and share about OpenAI investments.
Nellie Gustafsson, Principal PM Manager
Christian Wade and Zoe Douglas profile pictures Empower every BI professional to do more
As data continues to grow exponentially, organizations are constantly looking to uncover intelligence faster. Join us to learn about Power BI’s exciting new capabilities that empower data professionals to gather insights at blazing fast speeds with Microsoft Fabric.
Christian Wade, Principal Program Manager
Zoe Douglas, Senior Program Manager
James Hutton, Kevin Lam, and Tzvia Troyna profile pictures Sense, analyze, and generate insights with Synapse Real-Time Analytics
Telemetry data from human and machine activity is the fastest growing data segment. Learn about Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric, including power data streaming, processing, ad-hoc querying, and alerting at petabyte scale.
James Hutton, Senior Product Manager
Kevin Lam, Principal Group PM Manager
Tzvia Gitlin Troyna, Principal PM Manager
Swetha Mannepalli profile picture Accelerate your data potential with Microsoft Fabric
Learn about the next generation of the Microsoft analytics and data platform. Find out how to democratize data in your organization, bringing your data engineers, scientists, and analysts together in new ways to unlock intelligence and innovation.
Swetha Mannepalli, Senior Product Marketing Manager