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At Blue Margin, we walk our talk. We use Power BI dashboards to drive our sales and marketing initiatives, keeping our goals front and center. Take a peek at how we do it.

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Blue Margin, Inc. is a Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in data analytics using Power BI.  We help companies improve profitability through better use of their data.  As business intelligence consultants, we use Power BI dashboards to track our own business.  On the front page of our company portal (a SharePoint site), we display our sales and marketing metrics front and center.   And because transparency is one of our corporate values, we display those dashboards in real-time on a TV in our main office area, and we're sharing them with you now (note: we’ve changed client data to respect confidentiality).  

The Problem

Like many growth-stage companies, we are constantly trying to figure out better ways to track our sales conversions, determine a good marketing mix, and evaluate our sales funnel.  And, like most businesses, we get so busy building our business, we can overlook strategizing our business.  

For a long time, we operated our business development without insight into our data; we weren’t sure what was working or what needed to improve.  Feeling frustrated, we put together a short list of our most essential insights, including:

  • Our daily/monthly sales conversations with prospective and existing clients.
  • Our opportunity pipeline, showing weighted hours by month.
  • Our key marketing initiatives, including content creation and speaking engagements.
  • Our sales team's success in turning first appointments into new customers. 

The Solution

After identifying our key metrics, we pulled our company data from various sources (Salesforce, QuickBooks, SharePoint, HubSpot, etc.) into our Azure SQL warehouse, which populates our Power BI tenant.  We then embedded our dashboards right into our company portal homepage.  

The result?  Every person in our company can see with total clarity the progress of our major sales and marketing initiatives.  The bizdev team can easily filter and drill-down to see exactly what's causing a shortfall, or what caused a win.

Now, everyone from the CEO down, can evaluate:
  • Each customer opportunity, including daily sales conversations and customer touches.
  • How many marketing pieces were distributed and how many speeches/webinars were delivered.
  • Which prospects have the potential to close a deal with us, measured at 90/60/30 percent.
  • Our total weighted billable hours projected by quarter.
  • Individual sales person dashboards, measuring the conversion rate between first appointments and new customers.

We no longer have to periodically cobble together data from multiple sources, only to watch those insights become increasingly obsolete with each passing day.  Instead, managers and employees alike can see our most mission-critical information, in real-time, at the push of a button.  It’s as easy as checking email.


Using Power BI, Blue Margin transformed our own internal data into a strategic asset, empowering our managers and employees to make informed decisions about our marketing and sales strategy and to focus their efforts on the most profitable activities.

Gaining actionable, new insights from once scattered data shows just one of the high-impact values of Power BI.   

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