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BImpact is a platform that collects information on user interactions in the different channels and social networks owned by a company, transforming this information into value for the business. These data are analyzed and exploited in order to characterize the behaviors of the users in the digital channels on the different contents, as well as to analyze the consumption, habits and preferences of the users.

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Facebook, Instagram, YouTube... Social media are nowadays one of the most important communication channels for companies as well as they are the speakers for their clients. 

But not only that, social media have become the meeting point for providers, employees, users, competitors... So knowing what is happening on them is essential. 

A big amount of heterogeneous data coming from different channels. That is the reality we are facing when we want to value the importance and the feelings of our business on the Internet.  

Given this need, BImpact has come to consolidate data. It is a platform to gather all information and make it valuable for the business. How is it possible? It enables us to analyse users' behaviour, consumptions, habits and preferences by clicking this intelligent tool. 

First, BImpact gathers, process, shapes and shows configured data on social media by daily updates.  Through a web access, data are visualised and analysed on a dashboard.  Reports can be also prepared and published to share them fast and easily. 

It happens thanks to Microsoft technologies and platforms such as Azure and Power BI, the leading Business Intelligence tool in the market. It is a complete platform of business analysis tools to make knowledge available for the company on an easy and intuitive way. 

  • A range of unified values for a 360 degrees vision of the business digital audience are shown on the global dashboard appearing in the home page.  
  • In Impressions, check and compare diary views and interactions of your social media or filter by ranges of dates, social media, posts, origin or content. 
  • Find the best time to post in your social media and discover the interactions in your channels. 
  • Check the views, totally or the average per visit and, of course, compare contents or products regarding views or reactions. 
  • In addition to sections, BImpact users can access specific details for every social media they control by clicking on the icons. In this way, it will be displayed a global vision of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube data regarding totals, averages or filtered information by date, contents, posts...

Transform thousands of data into visual dashboards to analyse and share! Marketing and Communication Teams will increase their competitiveness by reducing time and costs. 

BImpact makes it possible, the solution for Data Analysis in Social Media with Microsoft Power BI. 

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