PBI Lab - Sales Analysis

This sales analysis report is a high-level visual breakdown of the company’s sales channels (B2B vs B2C), analyzing and highlighting trends in the sales volume, gross margin and profits broken out by product categories, and geographic regions.

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The Data Story 

This Sales Analysis Power BI report visualizes B2B and B2C sales during the 2017 to 2019 fiscal period.

The story behind this analytics solution shows how the sample use-case, the Adventure Works Cycle Company, expanded their B2B sales into international markets: starting with North America in 2017, Europe in 2018, and finally entering the Asia-Pacific market in 2019.

The data shows us that although B2C sales has made up only 25.83% of total sales since 2017, the segment is responsible for 95.78% of profitsB2B sales has consistently resulted in the company losing money on bike sales, and making small margins on accessories, clothing and components. From a strategic perspective, it appears that the company is flooding the market with bikes, treating their vendors well by shipping these items in small quantities, improving vendor cash flow, and leveraging the B2B segment to improve brand awareness. Then, they are leveraging this to increase online B2C sales and improve profitability.

User Experience

The report consists of 4 report pages: only the main report page (titled Sales Analysis), is visible when the report is opened. Users can interact with the other 3 report pages via tooltips.

List of report pages:

  • Sales Analysis (visible)
  • Gross Margin by Product Subcategory Tooltip (hidden)
  • Gross Margin Tooltip (hidden)
  • Sales Tooltip (hidden)

The main report page contains:

  • a Line and Stacked Column Chart on the top left that allows the user to see the sales and gross margin over the years. The user can click on a quarter to slice the other report visualizations and drill up to the yearly view. Notice that the sales timeframe (top right of the page) also changes accordingly.

  • 3 Report Page Tooltips, another advanced Power BI capability - hover the mouse on top of specific report items:

  1. Product Category Table (bottom left): the tooltip report page shows the total sales, total gross margin and total gross profit margin by product sub-category
  2. Sales by Customer Type Donut Char (top right): shows sales by quarter
  3. Gross Margin by Customer Type Donut Chart (top right): shows the trend of the gross margin by quarter

  • a Filter Pane (top right corner of the report page): when the main report page is initially opened, the filter pane is compacted into a small button on the top right corner. Open the filter pane by clicking the small button and a couple of slicers will appear.  2 Slicers are available: Year and Quarter. The standard filter selection is for all the years (2017, 2018 and 2019) and for all the quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4). This compacted filter pane is developed with a combination of Bookmarks functionality.


To showcase the power of this analytics solution we took advantage of the following Power BI visualizations and capabilities:

  • Cards: used to show total amounts of sales and gross margin
  • Donut Charts: used to compare B2B/B2C sales and B2B/B2C gross margin
  • Map: used to plot location points
  • Line and Stacked Column Chart: used to compare B2B/B2C sales and visualize the total gross margin over time
  • Tables: used to show sales, margin and profit details by product categories and product subcategories
  • Stacked Area Charts: used to show trends by quarters for sales amount and gross margin
  • Text Boxes: used for instructions, disclaimers, copyright and report page titles
  • Shapes: used as separators or just to enrich the look and feel
  • Images: used for the logos
  • Buttons: used to transform and improve the navigation user experience
  • Tooltips Pages: use to provide details and display additional information when a user hovers with his mouse over a specific data category

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