Power BI Support


Auto date/time in Power BI Desktop - Power BI

Understand auto date/time functionality in Power BI Desktop.

Power BI usage scenarios: Personal BI - Power BI

Learn how Power BI personal BI is about private analytics for an individual.

Power BI modeling guidance for Power Platform - Power BI

Guidance on how to create Power BI data models for Dataverse, PowerApps, and Dynamics 365.

How Microsoft established a Center of Excellence - Power BI

Learn how a Center of Excellence helped Microsoft create a standardized analytics and data platform to unlock insights with the right operating model, stakeholder engagement, and shared and dedicated investments.

Refresh a dataset created from an Excel workbook - cloud - Power BI

Learn how to refresh a dataset created from an Excel workbook on OneDrive for work or school or SharePoint Online.

Publish to Power BI from Microsoft Excel - Power BI

Learn how to publish an Excel workbook to your Power BI site.

iOS device search integration with Power BI - Power BI

Use the device search function, called Spotlight, to find and access the content you need in Power BI.

Using slicers in the Power BI service - Power BI

A Power BI slicer is an alternate way of filtering that narrows the portion of the dataset shown in the other visualizations in a report.

The Power BI service - basic concepts for beginners - Power BI

The Power BI service apps, workspaces, dashboards, reports, datasets, and workbooks.

Frequently asked questions about Power BI visuals - Power BI

Browse a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Power BI custom visuals.

Filters and highlighting in Power BI reports - Power BI

Learn how to use filters and highlighting in reports on both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI service.

Add a filter to a report in Power BI - Power BI

Add a page filter, visualization filter, or report filter to a report in Power BI

Pass a report parameter in a URL for a paginated report in Power BI - Power BI

Learn how to pass report parameters to a report by including them in a paginated report URL.

Power BI adoption roadmap: Governance - Power BI

Effectively enforce governance to drive strong and successful adoption of Power BI.

Opt in for preview features - Power BI

How to turn on (and off) Power BI features that are in Preview.

Create reports from data in Microsoft Teams - Power BI

It’s easy to create Power BI reports in Microsoft Teams with just a few clicks.

Azure and Power BI - Power BI

Learn how to turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business with Azure and Power BI.

Dataset permissions - Power BI

Describes dataset permissions and how they are acquired by users.

Working with visualizations (visuals) as a business user - Power BI

Learn about Power BI terms and concepts and the most common interactions with the visuals on dashboards, in reports, or in Q&A.

Fixing 'Corporate SSL certificate is untrusted' - Power BI

Learn how to resolve the message, "Could not authenticate because your corporate SSL certificate is untrusted."

Migrate Azure Analysis Services to Power BI - Power BI

Describes how to migrate Azure Analysis Services models to a Power BI workspace.

Configure credentials programmatically for Power BI embedded analytics - Power BI

Learn how to configure credentials programmatically and encrypt credentials for Power BI embedded analytics.

Create automated status rules for metrics in the Power BI service - Power BI

You can automate status updates based on rules that govern that metric.

Create scorecards and manual metrics - Power BI

Create scorecards and manual metrics in Power BI.

Create connected metrics in Power BI - Power BI

Learn how to create connected metrics.