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Always have your KPIs on hand with the Power BI for Apple Watch

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Access your most relevant data in seconds using the new Power BI app for Apple Watch.

This app brings Power BI card and KPI tiles directly to your wrist, giving you easy access to your data from anywhere — even in the shower! Access your critical information and insights directly from the watch face without opening the Power BI app itself. All of your most valuable KPIs are right on your wrist


Keep a close eye on your most important metrics

The Power BI app for Apple Watch supports both KPI and card tiles. These types of tiles are ideal for a small screen and provide you with a heartbeat measure of your business.

When you open the Power BI app for Apple Watch, you will see an Index screen with a quick overview of all applicable tiles from the synced dashboard. Keep a close eye on your most important metrics. You can drill into a specific tile by tapping on it to get more data:







Stay up to date with dashboard syncing

To sync a Power BI dashboard to your Apple Watch, first open the Power BI app on your phone, load a dashboard, and tap the dashboard actions menu:


Next, open the Power BI app from the Apple Watch springboard :




Have your KPIs within reach

The Power BI app for Apple Watch also supports displaying a tile directly on the watch face so it is visible and accessible at all times. This display will stay up to date, and will update shortly after your Power BI datasets are scheduled to update. You'll always have the latest information at your fingertips!



Please update your Power BI mobile app to get these latest changes, other improvements and bug fixes. Your feedback will help us decide what to implement in the future, so please don’t forget to vote for other features that you would like to see in Power BI mobile apps