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Community Blog Highlights

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Have you visited the Power BI Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, event listings, and ways to leave feedback, the Community blog is a platform for you to share ideas with your peers, industry experts, and us here at Microsoft.

We want to hear what’s got you thinking about Power BI and Business Intelligence! Blog posts can be anything from opinion pieces on the latest industry trends, to helpful tips and how-tos for your fellow Power BI users, to even “trip reports” from your local User Group meeting or Microsoft event.

To get started, simply message me, @Jessica, with a rough title for your post and a couple of sentences to describe your topic. Together we’ll make sure you can preview how your post will look once it’s done, and set a publication date.

Posts of the Month

Check out these great posts from last month:

Design Pattern – Groups and Super Groups!, by Greg Deckler

Greg recently came across a particular data modeling and analysis challenge that he felt would be beneficial to generalize. This blog post summarizes the challenge, discusses the possible uses of the design pattern and presents a simple solution as well as a more complex solution that factors in such things as row level security.

Power BI – Infographic for Power BI from an end to end perspective, by Gilbert Quevauvilliers

Gilbert has created an infographic that displays a graphical overview of how Power BI works from an end-to-end perspective. This allows people to get an idea of how all the parts of Power BI piece together.

Get Your Own Power Query Editor using Notepad++, by Lars Schreiber

Power Query is an amazing tool for data importation and transformation, but it’s hard to write custom M code. Lars explains how you can create a custom Power Query editor using the popular Notepad++ tool.

What I Learnt Building Power BI Custom Visuals, by Chamara Ranasinghe

Creating a power BI custom visual is much more than a programming endeavor, it is an immersion in a new form of art that enables self-actualization of data. It calls for a broader set of skills and your work is not over once the visual is built. The good news however is, you are not alone.

A Simple and Fun Guide to Microsoft Flow and Power BI, by Ruth Pozuelo

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage using Microsoft Flow and Power BI! Ruth creates a demonstration of the power of the two services, using a ficticious ice cream start-up.

The Ultimate Waterfall Chart , by Klaus Birringer

Klaus introduces you to the Ultimate Waterfall Chart, a custom visual soon available to the public. He gives a detailed example of the chart in action, and explains its features.