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Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps Webinars for February 23 – April 6

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For the current Webinars please see the latest blog post here: 

Webinars 3/30-5/31: R Script, Marketing Insights, Modeling Deep Dive, New Flow Features, Power BI Embedded, and Visualization Best Practices from Marco Russo




The next two months we have an all-star set of webinars for your viewing and listening pleasure!

If you haven’t attended one of the free Business Application Platform webinars, the intent is to offer world-class best practices, giving you not just insight into your data but also into how to automate your data and save time in a medium that's easy to consume.

(A few of the webinars will have their registration links added shortly — stay tuned!)


Data Visualization Tips and Tricks by Reza Rad

Visualization is the front end of every BI system, and getting it right will affect tremendously on the data analysis solution. In this session you will learn tips and tricks of data visualization with Power BI, examples of effective visualizations, and you will learn when is best to use which type of chart. You will learn about best way of visualizing elements through built-in visualizations or custom visuals.

When: 2/23/2017 12:00pm (Reza is NZ Based)

Register today:

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About the speaker:

Reza Rad is an Author, Trainer, Speaker and DW/BI Consultant. He has a BSc in Computer engineering; he has more than 15 years’ experience in databases, programming and development mostly on Microsoft technologies. He is a Microsoft MVP in SQL Server for five continues years (from 2011 till now) for his dedication in Microsoft BI.

His articles on different aspects of technologies, especially on MS BI, can be found on his blog: (previously was .

He wrote some books on MS SQL BI and also is writing some others, He is also an active member on online technical forums such as MSDN and Experts-Exchange, and is a moderator of MSDN SQL Server forums, and is a MCP, MCSE and MCITP of BI. He is the leader of New Zealand Business Intelligence users group.

He is a International Speaker in SQL Saturday and SQL users groups and Conferences like TechEd and PASS Summit. And He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Reza’s passion is to help you find the best data solution, he is Data enthusiast.


Getting Started with PowerApps Galleries by Audrie Gordon

PowerApps Gallery controls are really useful for more than what meets the eye! This presentation will go over:

  • Planning Galleries for Different Data Sources and Formats
  • Galleries for Displaying, Filtering, and Searching Connected Data
  • Galleries for Dynamic Tabbed Controls (let’s have some fun with it!)

When: 2/28/2017 10:00 AM

To Register:


Microsoft Flows that will make you more productive

As you may have seen from the Microsoft Flow Blog; Microsoft Flow can be used to solve practically any automation problem.

In this webinar the Flow development team will walk you through their favorites Flows, best practices in their construction and how to build them yourself.

When: 3/7/2017 10:00 AM

Register today:



Text Analytics in Power BI: Translation, Sentiment Analysis and Key Phrases by Gil Raviv

In this webinar, Gil Raviv will show how to easily accomplish one of the most sought marketing efforts – how to do social listening and use key phrases from sources like Facebook to understand sentiment.

In the Webinar, we will go through the steps to import Facebook comments, translate languages, extract key phrases and perform sentiment analysis using Microsoft Cognitive Services, and compose the visuals in Power BI to best illustrate the data sets retrieved.

Register Today:

When: 3/9/2017 10:00 AM

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About Gil Raviv

Gil Raviv is a Microsoft MVP, Analytics Group Manager at Avanade, and a Power BI blogger ( As a former Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Excel Product team, Gil led the design and integration of Power Query in Excel 2016.


Getting Started with PowerApps Formulas by Audrie Gordon

PowerApps combines the ease of use typical to an Excel Formula, with the power of relational object properties, in order to speed up app design, and extend the experience for end users :

  • Commonly Used Formulas: Fun with Context Variables & Collections
  • Using Formulas for Conditional Business Logic (“color it”, “hide it”, or “show it” based on business logic and other user-driven conditions)
  • Using Formulas for Error Management
  • Tips on how to become a formula pro!

When: 3/14/2017 10:00 AM

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Excel to Power BI: 5 lessons you need to Unlearn to unlock Analytical Superpowers by Avi Singh

Are you struggling to make the transition from Excel to Power BI? As Avi Singh found out, through his own experience and that of hundreds of his students, there are key habits you need to UNLEARN before you can embrace the awesomeness of Power BI. Join us to learn what’s been holding you back.

When: 3/16/2017 10:00 AM

Register today: 

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About Avi Singh

Avi Singh is a Power BI trainer and consultant based out of Seattle. He is a Microsoft MVP, co-author of the top-selling book “Power Pivot and Power BI: An Excel User’s Guide” and a regular speaker at conferences and user events.

Avi has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring, going from an Excel user to building large-scale Power BI solutions. His mission now is to spread the word and share his knowledge about Power BI.

You can follow him on his blog at or video blog


What’s new, exciting and coming next for Power BI Embedded by Sharon Laivand

Power BI Embedded is an Azure service enables you to integrate impactful and interactive data visualizations built in Power BI Desktop into your web or mobile applications. In this webinar Sharon Laivand will start with a level set as to what Power BI Embedded offers developers, walk through some announcements of recent and forth coming releases and finish with the team’s future priorities.

Register today: Link pending

When: 3/21/2017 10:00 AM


About Sharon Laivand

Sharon Laivand is a Senior Program Manager, shaping the next generation of data analysis tools, with focus on advanced analysis. Ranging from advanced Excel capabilities in Power BI to R and Python in Power BI. Empowering every data scientist and business analysts on the planet to achieve more!


Power BI in the enterprise by Paul Turley

Scaling BI solutions with safe secure processes is not always easy; but in this Webinar Paul Turley will walk us through techniques and practices that show you that it doesn’t always need to be hard. Topics covered will include how to combine Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services(SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to offer the scale and flexibility to service your Business Intelligence needs…regardless of the scale.

Register today:

When:  3/23/2017 10:00 AM



About the presenter:

Paul Turley is a Business Intelligence Solution Architect and Mentor / Consultant for SolidQ. He has been architecting and developing applications and business intelligence solutions for large and small businesses since 1992. He has developed custom database, BI and reporting solutions for many companies in all industries. His expertise includes project lifecycle management, database modeling and design using SQL Server since version 6.5, application development and user interface design using ASP.NET, and enterprise BI solutions using SQL Server Reporting Services, Integration Services and Analysis Services. He teaches, develops training courseware, speaks at industry conferences and has authored and co-authored several technical books published by Wrox Press, Packt and Microsoft Press.

He has been a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) since 1996 and maintains certifications in software architecture and development, database administration (MCDBA) and project management methodologies (MSF & IT Project+.) He holds the current MCTS and MCITP certifications for SQL Server BI.


Using R Script with Power BI by Leila Etaati

In this webinar Dr. Leila Etaati will show walk us through one her favorite topics how to take advantage of R Script with Power BI. This demo rich session will include how to use R script as a data source in Power BI desktop.

Register today: Link pending

When:  3/30/2017 12:00PM

Dr. Leila Etaati is Principal Data Scientist, BI Consultant, and Speaker. She has over 10 years’ experience working with databases and software systems. Leila has enabled Enterprise companies take advantage of cutting-edge cost-saving BI technologies and practices around the world. Leila has PhD of Information System department, University of Auckland, MS and BS in computer science. Leila is Microsoft Data Platform MVP.


Marketing Insights with Power BI webinar by Ken Puls and Miguel Escobar

Understanding your online site traffic, email marketing campaign, newsletter subscriber signups, or Social Media performance are just a few of the challenges that marketers have nowadays. The data that we want to analyze is spread across different systems like Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter and even inside our local database or spreadsheets, and trying to consolidate all of the data into one single report is an extremely complex task hence we often miss the bigger picture. This is all a case of the past thanks to Power BI. In this session, we’ll showcase a real life solution that 2 Power BI professionals use to track their marketing efforts online and how Power BI has helped them grow their business. 

Register today: Link pending

When:  4/06/2017 10:00 AM


About Ken Puls:

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant (FCPA, FCMA) in Canada, and the president of Excelguru Consulting Inc.  I’m a blogger, author and trainer with over 20 years of business and financial modelling experience. My passion lies in exploring tools to turn data into information, and teaching others how to benefit from them.  I’ve held the Microsoft MVP distinction since 2006, have been recognized as a Fellow of my accounting organization and as one of the “Top 20 under 40” business & community leaders on Vancouver Island and currently leading the PowerBI Usergroup in sunny Vancouver Canada.  My website can be found at, and holds many code samples for working with Excel and other MS Office apps, as well as my blog and a free help forum.


About Miguel Escobar:

Music by night and data by day summarizes the passions of this Excel specialist turned into BI expert using the latest tools from Microsoft for BI – Power BI.   He is the co-author of ‘M is for Data Monkey’, blogger and also Youtuber of powerful Excel video Tricks.  He also holds the Microsoft MVP distinction and Microsoft Certified Professional for Excel.


Future topics being scheduled now!

  • Power BI to please your CEO Jen Stirrup – 4/20/2017
  • Reza Rad (Power BI Fast and Furious) – 4/27/2017
  • Marco Russ on advanced Power BI Visualizations – 5/4/2017
  • Marc Dashboard Makeover and Color Templates – 5/11/2017