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Get inspired for 2017 with The 12 Days of Dashboards

Headshot of article author Jessica Cook

While most of us spent the last two weeks drinking eggnog and spending time with family and friends, Microsoft’s Sam Lester found an additional way to celebrate: creating a new blog series called “The 12 Days of Power BI Dashboards”.

Each dashboard is based on a unique, yet common, data source that almost everyone can access. Sam’s goal for the project was to identify new methods for using Power BI creatively with data sources that don’t naturally align to reporting and BI projects.

You can find links below to Sam’s 12 dashboards. Each link features a description of the data source and how Sam used it, and steps to recreate the dashboard for yourself. Some of the dashboards have also been shared on the Data Stories Gallery, and are embedded in the posts for live exploration.

If you’re looking for inspiring dashboards to jumpstart your data analysis in 2017, check out Sam’s work.


Day #1 – Goodreads Book Metrics
Day #2 – LinkedIn Connections Dashboard
Day #3 – Create your own Pinterest Viewer in Power BI
Day #4 – Countries Visited Map
Day #5 – Order History Dashboard
Day #6 – Group Dashboard
Day #7 – Disk Space Usage Dashboard
Day #8 – Fitbit Activity Dashboard
Day #9 – Build your first SCCM Dashboard
Day #10 – Exploring Twitter Data
Day #11 – NFL Football Touchdown Dashboard
Day #12 – Crazy Christmas Dashboard

Sam reports that thanks to the 12 Days of Dashboard project he’s learned some new tricks, helped the Power BI team with product suggestions, and most importantly had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing, Sam!