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For every company, Sales is the ultimate revenue generator which takes care of all costs and expenses. While Sales may be achieved easily or in some cases in a very difficult way, analysis of the Sale that has materialized is very important. sales analysis involves analyzing the sales made by a company over a period of time. Many companies have a weekly sales analysis, a monthly sales analysis or a quarterly sales analysis. A regular sales analysis helps the company understand where they are performing better and where they need to improve. Regular sales data analysis provides an understanding of the products that your customers are buying and helps you dissect why they are behaving in a certain way. You can also find patterns in your lead conversions and drop offs. All of these aspects enable you to optimize your sales process.

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Sales Analytics and Consumer Consumption Insight is developed to enhance sales effectiveness of employees which also provides consumer consumption insights for better segmenting and target. It helps the salesperson and manager to easily analyse their sales and target effectiveness in a sophisticated manner. It helps user to spend less time in analyzing data and more time in gaining actionable insights including that of customer behavior during various time periods throughout the year. Sales dashboard not only ensures that you have high quality and real time data but also, transforms it into meaningful recommendations for the present and future. Sales dashboard is gets the right sales metrics anytime, anywhere and it can be the deciding factor. It shares sales metrics in real-time to allow you to take key sales-oriented business decisions at the right time, whether it be from your boardroom or when you are on the move. Dashboards allow users to filter data at multiple levels. For example, one can see sales versus target performance for a specific distributor and understand where you need to modify your sales’ strategy to increase sales in a specific distributor.

  • Sales reporting dashboard provides the following advantages to an organisation and C level executives:
  • Get an understanding of sales and target volume, trends and distribution among time, distributors, region, material, and zonal manager
  • Get analysis of the sales and target funnel metrics at an overall and detailed levels
  • Identify positive and negative sales and represent it in various dimensions and forms of visuals
  • Identifying top/bottom sales and best/worst performer out to them
  • Examine sales of distributor with related time for positive and negative sales

The solution comes with all the out-of-the-box functionalities within Power BI - ability to

High-Classification Data Lake 
  1. Collect data form various sources and connect together
  2. Cleanse the data to remove duplicates and effectively organize them
  3. Model data and convert unstructured data to structured data 
Report Analytics & Support
  1. Get dynamic Reports based on hierarchy levels, create new reports, or change existing reports
  2. Configure alerts for KPI’s for distributors, sales vs target and to ensure sale reach the key distributors in time if there is a deviation
  3. Suggest better Visualizations for reports

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