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Attunix Corporation

Attunix is an experienced Microsoft Software and Services Company committed to helping their clients transform and modernize by using cutting edge technologies. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Attunix has worked effectively in diverse industries and technology disciplines, focusing on: Application Modernization, Internet of Things, Modern Datacenter, and Advanced Analytics. As a proven business technology provider, Attunix prides itself in delivering effective results through industry-best practices, tailored development services, and their own suite of software solutions. Delivering the right solutions is an outcome of Attunix’s focus on improving the client’s financial returns through optimizing the existing technology investment and partnering on new business and strategic initiatives.

Information is king.  We've all heard that a thousand times and for years seen the business effect between the haves and have-not's.  There is a distinct advantage for the companies who have data figured out. They almost seem to be playing with a stacked deck.  Historically, harnessing information has required significant time and money to collect the data, manage, model, and present it.  The tools have changed - making advanced analytics more affordable and simpler than ever before.  The Attunix Advance Analytics Team is helping enable our clients identify and capture more value from their existing businesses - and turn the tables to put their data to work for them, not the other way around.

The Attunix Advanced Analytics team guides informed outcomes by showing you where you’ve been, where you are going, and the right moves to make it happen. Advanced Analytics projects can focus on leveraging current data and/or exploring new opportunities in the Cortana Intelligence Suite. A basic evaluation would include:

  • Analyzing existing processes, data systems, and sources
  • Making recommendations for on-prem, hybrid, or cloud solutions
  • Advising on Cortana Intelligence Suite products and opportunities, including: Power BI, Advanced Analytics, Azure Machine Learning, Big Data, and Hadoop
  • Opening the door to visualizing your data in a way that works for you, including: reports and predictive models

Beyond Advanced Analytics, Attunix can help your business transform on a holistic level through their other practices.

Whether your target is a stand-alone application or an integrated solution, Attunix Application Modernization practice can customize a solution that drives market differentiation.

In today’s cloud focused environment, the Attunix Modern Datacenter practice can help to position your company for growth and sustained business results. Migrating or extending your business into the cloud allows for more flexibility, lower costs, data backup, and site recovery.

In efforts to create a truly customized solution, Attunix has been a part of Internet of Things since the beginning. Have a plan and need execution? Have no clue where to begin? Reach out now to learn how Attunix can improve operational efficiency, accelerate your delivery, and maximize your investment. 

Services Include:

  • Intelligent Systems: Internet of Things, Windows Embedded, Devices
  • KIOSK Systems: Point of Service, Retail, Digital Signage
  • Business Intelligence Systems: Big Data, Reports, Dashboards, Integration
  • Advanced Analytics - Azure Machine Learning, Power BI Visualizations
  • Mobile
  • Office Productivity: SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Yammer
  • Cloud Development
  • Cloud Migrations

Recent Achievements and Awards:

  • Microsoft Gold Managed Partner
  • Microsoft OEM Embedded Reseller
  • Cloud Accelerate Partner
  • Azure Circle Partner
  • "Company of the Month" and "20 Most Promising Azure Solution Providers of 2016" - CIO Review
  • "CEO of the Year" - Acquisition International
  • Minority Owned Business Enterprise

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