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I-Planet International Co., Ltd

i-Planet provides "Cloud / BigData / AI" solutions to our customers. PowerBI is a key element of Data Visualization. We help our customers build multi-source data warehouses, integrate local data and open data, create data models for multi-dimension data analysis, and build Power BI dashboards for decision making. We have delivered to over 100 clients in Taiwan and focus on Education & Government.  Projects have included Student Life-Cycle Analysis, Learning Outcome Analysis, Campus AIOT dashboards and Smart-City Decision Dashboards.


• Turns your data into rich visual charts that enable you to view trends and insights.

• Makes your data benefit with cloud through the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

• Brings the knowledge and wisdom of everyone into the cloud and become a think tank for school research.



The following Power BI dashboards helped a Government agency and School Administrators make better decisions.

Government Agency:

City Government found that although the city has already disclosed all the information to the public, the huge amount of municipal materials were unexploited treasures, like raw uncut raw stones. But, the data was meaningless and difficult to understand.  Items such as labor inspections, penalty records, and company registrations were available, but this information was placed on the official website as an Excel file. No one would download it to view or try to analyze it. Microsoft Power BI helped bring the data to life, and turned the numbers into dynamic and understandable charts. The public can could access the latest municipal results at a glance.

Higher Education:

Through systematic data analysis, IT served as the basis for the school administrators to make decisions.  We provided customized data analysis in a visual graphic, revealing formerly hidden insights in the data, for school decision support.

K-12 Schools

To improve the overall learning effectiveness and to identify and solve the students' learning difficulties in a more timely fashion, we provided an input interface, analysis reports, and integrated the student records so that the Teachers could understand the student's learning situation from the tests to exams, and provide the help they needed faster.   At the end of the semester, Teachers could examine the learning outcomes of the students over the Semester, and evaluate the teacher's teaching effectiveness as the basis for setting the next years goals.

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