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SR analytics is focused on improving business decisions using data analytics and business intelligence solutions. Our tailor-made Power BI solutions have helped many brands improve their bottom line by making data-driven actions.

We are an India-based business intelligence consulting firm with a core mission to assist its clients to turn their data into corporate assets. Our experts distinguish themselves by either holding industry-recognized certifications and by having significant experience in their field of expertise.

Skills and expertise

  • Complete Enterprise BI implementations
  • Business and Marketing Analytics
  • Data Visualization Consulting
  • Web Analytics Consulting

What do we do?

  • We intervene at a strategic and subject matter expert level, or on projects with exceptional people as the key ingredient.
  • We provide the foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to harness all value from data that matters.
  • Delivering insights at the speed of business and improving business outcomes. 

We have a broad portfolio of services, solutions, and capabilities focused on the most critical aspects of today’s data-driven world of business. Mentioned below are some of our core analytic consulting services -

  • Business analytics consulting - helps clients discover data insights quickly, quantify the business impact, and develop a strategy to use analytics everywhere.
  • Marketing analytics consulting - helps you power your business with statistical modeling and high information dashboards to empower your marketing campaigns and marketing decisions.
  • Data visualization solutions - make your vast amounts of data more accessible and understandable, using charts, graphs, and various other visual formats to tell stories and answer queries much faster.
  • Web analytics solutions - gives you the power to analyze how website visitors interact with your web assets. From demographic data, event tracking to customized filtered reporting, it will help convert your website into a high-performing virtual machine.

Why partner with us?

  • Highest level of quality and commitment to timely deliveries
  • Complete transparency and trust of handling your data
  • More than 20k hours of analytics consulting work completed
  • An exclusive team of resources working just for you like an off-shore team
  • Consulting rates starting at USD 60/hour

We leverage our expertise in the new generation of analytics and big data to push your business growth and keep them relevant for the future.


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