Tell your data story your way

Bring your data to life with stunning, interactive data visualisations tailored to your organisation and industry.

Man at a desk, with a cappuccino, looking at six data visualisation examples on his laptop.

Anchor data storytelling to facts. Share insights more effectively with eye-catching data visualisations, increasing comprehension and retention—and enabling your audience to make informed decisions quickly.

See data visuals in action

Explore how data visualisation transforms complicated information into an easy-to-share and understand interactive image depicting worldwide access to electricity.

Visualise your data in seconds with the extensive library of visuals, including hundreds more in AppSource, all test and approved by Microsoft to integrate seamlessly with Power BI and provide valuable insights.

Build visuals to your specification

Build visuals to your specifications

Go beyond AppSource to easily build custom data visualisations that meet your requirements and suit your industry. Differentiate your organisation by creating something unique—then share it with your team or publish to the Power BI community.

Connect with a Microsoft certified partner

Get expert help creating one-of-a-kind data visualisations. Design and implement custom, proprietary visuals with an experienced Power BI partner.

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