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The knk Group supports publishers and media companies create interactive reports and dashboards quickly and simply, which allows them to share important information and insights easily with the whole team.

Strategic overview: knk’s Power BI solutions not only ensure enormous flexibility, in terms of the presentation format, but also enables the user to clearly process data from many different sources in the form of KPIs and trend analyses such as media sales insights, forecast on medial sales, sales analysis across different sales channels (Amazon, retail, bookstores and much more), sales per product, product line, bundle products or by author.

In addition to the classic presentation types (e.g. column or bar charts) Power BI for publishers and media companies also enables the integration of interactive maps to visualize customer spread and trend metrics into the report. More details: Within the reports, the parameters can be adjusted easily, and single components of the report can be analyzed in detail.

  •  Creation of individual real-time dashboards and visual reports for various departments (finance, media sales, editorial office, customer service …)
  • Best practices of reports for the publishing and media industry
  •  Definition of KPIs based on individual criteria such as vendor, media format, title, product, author, sales channel, subscribers and a lot more
  • Bundling of different data sources on one dashboard (incl. knk365, knkPublishing, SAP, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google Analytics or other publishing solutions)
  • Flexibility from accessibility of other data sources
  • Unification of different data structures via „Data Shaping“ to design media reporting perfectly tailored to publishers’ needs
  • Direct access to the data underlying the report (incl. the level of general ledger entries for example)
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Integration of new reporting levels through data clustering (implementation of new categories without changing the underlying data)
  • Transparent communication for teams through release of reports in Office 365 (depending on the user permissions)
  • Universal access to data (plus mobile access via the Power BI app)

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