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Why Drill Down visualizations?

Visualizations are a convenient, fast, and efficient way to display complex information. In a situation of choosing between a table or visualizations, the information in the table is difficult to perceive, but with the help of visualizations, we can use our innate ability to perceive and process visual information.

ZoomCharts products are designed to let you explore your data in a simple and fast manner.

With a custom-built multi-touch engine, our technology allows you to enjoy dashboards and reports on any device, and let your data tell an engaging story while significantly improving the data exploration process.

Drill Down Visuals for Power BI:

·       Drill Down Donut PRO – Generate powerful insights and explore category-based data using interactive drill-down and auto-grouping features.

·       Drill Down Combo PRO – Create impressive visualization of your category-based data end explore it using interactive drill-down and scrolling features. 

·       Drill Down TimeSeries PRO – Explore time-based data down to millisecond with interactive drill-down and scrolling.

·       Drill Down Network PRO – Create beautiful, easy to explore networks from category-based data and enjoy automatically detected relations among categories.

·       Drill Down Graph PRO – Build networks and explore relations within them and enjoy exceptional navigation, rich information display, and customization options.

·       Drill Down Waterfall PRO – Visualize totals, subtotals, and sequence of the columns straight from the dataset and use rich formatting options to control the look of the chart.

·       Drill Down Combo Bar PRO – Combine bars, lines, and areas, use multiple stacking and clustering options, and customize each series individually.

·       Drill Down Pie PRO – Explore up to 9 data levels with touch-driven interactions, adjustable slices, and rich customization options.

·       Drill Down Map PRO – Visualize location data on maps by country, city, or create storable filters for custom regions.


·       Power BI Custom Visual Development Service – Order a custom-built visual for your specific use-case and add additional visualizations to Microsoft Power BI Reports and Dashboards.

Contact us or visit our website to learn more about ZoomCharts products and services –  ZoomCharts Drill Down Visuals for Power BI

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