Uncompromising security. Limitless insights.

Trust the same global security infrastructure as the world’s most demanding organisations and let your data culture flourish.

Foster a culture of security

Empower your employees

Work confidently from anywhere and collaborate freely using persistent data protection that works inside and outside of your organisation.

Empower your teams

Drive best practices and respond quickly to security risks with monitoring, adoption reporting, easy governance, and intelligent data protection.

Empower your organisation

Maximise your security investments with leading cloud access security, information protection, and unified endpoint management.

Keep your analytics data secure

Find the right insights quickly and maintain peace of mind using capabilities far beyond row- and column-level security across Power BI, Microsoft 365, and Azure.

Screenshot showing Data protection metric report

Optimise security

  • Rely on a trusted industry leader for security and data encryption from the tenant level down.
  • Identify and analyse risky behaviour patterns with oversight capabilities in Power BI and the Microsoft Cloud App Security portal.
  • Use Azure services including Azure Private Link, service tags, and Azure Virtual Network to eliminate data exposure to the public internet.

Screenshot showing usage metric report

Stay compliant

  • Help meet data compliance and residency requirements at a country and industry level.
  • Better meet privacy and regulatory requirements with oversight of sensitive data through BYOK (bring your own key).
  • Help maintain compliance with more than 100 standards and certifications including IL6, FedRamp, HIPAA, and FINRA.

Screenshot showing download blocked content

Protect your data

  • Reduce the risk of network intrusions using strong permission controls and network isolation with Virtual Network support.
  • Create and share your analytics insights with confidence, knowing your data is secured end-to-end with double encryption.
  • Set and define sensitivity labels that continue to protect your data upon export Microsoft Information Protection.

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