Power BI Premium calculator

Tell us about your organization and users

How many total users will have access to Power BI?

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Total users

How will your users interact with your reports and dashboards?

Total users : 5,000

Pro Users


Users requiring collaboration, data modelling, content authoring, dashboard, sharing, ad hoc analysis, and report publishing.

Frequent Users


Users consuming dashboards and reports frequently (multiple times a week).

Occasional Users


Users consuming dashboards and reports occasionally.

Cost estimate

Total: $24,975 per month

Power BI Pro licenses



Monthly fees


$9.99 / user / month

(=) Total fees

$9,990 / month

Power BI Premium



Monthly fees

3 P1 nodes

$4,995/ node / month

Power BI Report Server

Included with Power BI Premium

(=) Total fees

$14,985 / month

Prices are estimates and are not intended as actual price quotes.  

*This calculator provides a rough estimate based on simple usage logic. Actual needs to support a given workload could significantly vary based on data models, data volumes, number of queries and their complexities, refresh rates, usage distribution and pattern changes over time, and other factors. This estimate should be regarded only as guidance and is not providing any guarantee of performance.