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Discover how familiar tools and intuitive features make it easy to create reports, collaborate on dashboards, and administrate business intelligence (BI) across your organization.

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Visualize and share data in the office or on the go

Collaborate quickly on reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere. Simpler and faster than ever before, Power BI helps you read data, discover insights, and forecast trends across a wide range of business priorities.

Connect, model, and visualize data with customizable reports

Pull data from hundreds of sources, model it with familiar tools, and lay out your findings with customizable visualizations that tell your data’s story your way.

Accelerate and elevate decision making with built-in AI

Analyze structured and unstructured data from public and private sources for insights that drive better business decisions.

Elevate data security with Microsoft Information Protection

Help reduce the risk of Power BI data being mishandled by providing improved data protection, including when data is exported out of Power BI.

Gain more insight from more sources with big data analytics

Integrate data from internal and external sources for deep analysis across millions—or trillions—of data points, and create beautiful reports.

Easily monitor and administrate your organization’s BI

See how data is being used and stored at a glance with comprehensive dashboards. Grant permissions, alter security settings, and share dashboards outside your organization with compliance and security you can trust.

Unify self-service and enterprise business intelligence

Monitor system performance and usage with the enterprise BI capabilities of Power BI Premium. Adjust capacity as needed, allocate dedicated resources, and customize user settings and licenses for maximum efficiency.

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