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Announcing Microsoft Power BI Embedded

Provide seamless, in-app analytics experiences without building them from the ground up.

Embed interactive reports directly into your app

Embed stunning, fully interactive reports into your customer-facing apps without the time and expense of building your own controls from the ground up. Choose from Power BI’s out-of-the box visuals, or build custom ones to meet your application’s unique needs.

Visualize your data how you want

Create customized visual experiences that meet your users’ needs and match your app’s design. Get started quickly with Microsoft’s open-sourced, production-quality visualization code in GitHub.

Connect and analyze your app’s data with Power BI

Give your users instant insights with Power BI content packs. Create customized solutions that enable millions of users to analyze your app’s data in seconds from within Power BI.

Connect to Power BI through your app

Our powerful REST APIs enable your users to easily pull tiles, dashboards, and reports directly into your app, make changes, and then push data back into Power BI, all without ever leaving your application.

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Power BI Content Packs

Create a content pack to give instant insights to your users. Your content pack will includes a custom data model, dashboard, and report that help your users monitor, explore and share insights. Power BI enables your users to customize their own dashboards and reports starting with the ones you provide, so they get answers faster.

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